#Blogtober18 Day 20 : Ten Facts About Me

Day 20 of Blogtober with Big Family Organised Chaos. Today’s letter is “T” and theme is Ten Facts About Me. So Lets make a start.

About Me

  • My full name is Rebecca Bodkin (no middle name), my maiden name is Southcombe.
  • I am 32 years old, born in April in the early Spring, another of my favourite seasons again for the colours blossoming from the new seasons plants and flowers.
  • I was born and raised in Leyland, Lancashire. I left home at 19 and moved to Shropshire. My family still live in Lancashire.
  • I am married to my Sam, my rock. We’ve recently celebrated 10 years of marriage by having a night away from home whilst the kids were looked after by our fantastic neighbours. We stayed in an amazing 5* hotel and spent the next day at Highclere Castle (the home of Downton Abbey).


  • We have 2 children together, Lewis aged 9 and Leah aged 6.
  • ClearlyBex was launched in April 2013, I took a break from blogging in November 2016 and came back to blogging in August 2018. Initially I blogged as a release for my depression, wanting something to take my mind off my problems but now I blog because my kids nagged me too and I’ve actually found it to be really therapeutic and addictive this time round.
  • I have a bucket list of places I want to visit, these places I know I’ll have to wait until the kids leave home. Top of my list are Japan, Australia, Maldives, and Greneda (in the West Indies).
  • I actually don’t have a favourite colour as such, although I am more drawn to blues rather than pinks.

9 & 10

  • When I turned 16 I began Marshalling for Motor Sport events. I was the third generation in my family to marshal. I marshalled until I was 22 and was a Startline Marshal at race events such as small club meetings, British Touring Car Championship and the F1! When the kids are old enough to be at events on their own I want to return to marshalling. During my years I met many famous drivers such as Damon Hill (he signed my overalls) and for 3 of the years I covered the F1 meeting I was assigned to be David Coulthard’s marshal (because I nagged the chief marshal to let me). One year I got in trouble for talking to David before the start of an F1 race (talking to drivers is forbidden as it can cause them a distraction from the race), even though he came up to me to talk to me, he’s such a friendly and chatty man! Another year I was Felipe Massa’s marshal too.
  • My teenage years weren’t my best, I had lots of problems during my time at Secondary School. Mostly from being bullied. Bullies are my biggest fears for my children growing up, especially my son as he starts secondary school himself in September 2020!



  1. Kim Carberry

    20th October 2018 at 8:00 pm

    It is so lovely to learn more about you.
    It does feel like you have never been away from your blog. I didn’t realise your break was so long.
    Marshalling for Motor Sport events sounds like such a great and interesting job. x

  2. MotherGeek

    20th October 2018 at 7:47 pm

    You are not allowed to go to Australia without me!

    1. Rebecca Bodkin

      21st October 2018 at 11:12 am

      OMG! a girls holiday when the kids are old enough YES!!

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