#Blogtober18 Day 18 : Respect Everyone #WorldValuesDay

Continuing with my #Blogtober18 schedule with Big Family Organised Chaos, today’s topic is Respect Everyone #WorldValuesDay and #ConflictResolutionDay. Now this post really is a tricky one for me at the moment due to ongoing family issues that we are currently experiencing so as much as I want to raise awareness for #ConflictResolutionDay I really just need to leave that one well alone for now.

What I’m mostly going to be focusing on today with the Respect Everyone aspect of the topic as something I came across recently on Facebook has left me a little upset.

I apologies for the rant now!

In my local town we have a Facebook group, where we get to discuss aspects of our town, raise concerns and celebrate the towns triumphs. Now living in a small town there is a lot of “i know this person”, “i know that person”, “I know what this person does” etc etc etc. I find it slightly unnerving, especially when people know about mine and my husbands Dry Cleaning business and they pipe up “oh I know where you live, I drive past your house most days. Yes, its THAT much of a small town, honestly! But then I love the community side, everyone looks out for one another… well nearly everyone.

Facebook Spat

Now this Facebook post I came across was about our local towns parking situation, we are lucky to have free car parks but the roadside parking also gets horrifically abused. People really do just park where they like and this sparked an image loading up on Facebook with the title “Parked outside the guildhall – Get it shifted!”. I won’t share this image just in case anyone local to me stumbles across this post and takes offence. But this vehicle was heavily, illegally parked. In a Bus Stop, on double yellow lines. But its not this car I want to discuss. It’s another one which later came up in the comments.

The second car to appear in the comments was a Toyota, a car which parks on double yellow lines DAILY and I’m sorry for utterly good reason too. The driver of this car is disabled, heavily disabled, he has a blue badge and well equipped car to deal with his disability to give him his freedom. But people in the town were commenting about his parking and being utterly nasty about his parking there daily, one woman in particular being absolutely disrespectful. It was only when I then pointed out that due to his disability he was able to park there and it was non of her business did she get even more nasty for calling this driver “lazy” for not parking in the disabled bays in the public car park.

Parking In Town

As I mentioned earlier, we are very lucky to have free public parking in our town but the local car park to where this gentleman parks daily is horrifically abused. This car park is on private land which cannot be monitored by the local town council so people literally park where-ever they live, thus leaving this gentleman with no where to park! The other car park is just too far for his to push himself from to where he wants to go, so this car park is just so convenient for his disability.  He has spent years parking in this car park when the private landowners were about and monitoring it but now no one is around the disabled facilities are just abused.

So now this man faces a dilemma, a dilemma which has led to him bad mouthed all over social media, he now parks on double yellow lines. By where he carries out which daily business and visits. He displayed his blue badge, but that doesn’t appear good enough to this woman who just wants to have this man shamed. Only when it was later pointed out how aggressive she was being and how wrong she was as he is allowed to park on double yellows did she shut up!


The point I am trying to put across here I suppose is that in this 21st century of social media selected people seem to have forgotten their ability to respect others. Instead of bad mouthing this driver for his parking, which by routine is daily between 11am and 2pm, she could have asked for more information why this driver is never shamed. Thus gaining some more insight to his life and why he parks this way.

Respect – it costs nothing!

Disrespect – causes a chuffin’ big headache!

Do you agree?




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  1. MotherGeek

    18th October 2018 at 3:15 pm

    Absolutely agree! Here’s hoping she never needs a disabled bay, huh!

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