#Blogtober18 Day 16 : Quick! Hide The Wrappers!

Gosh, this month is just absolutely flying by, we are now half way through October and somehow I haven’t fallen off the blogging bandwagon yet and missed a post! WOW. Seeing as we are now at the half way mark of the month I wanted to give you a bit of an update with regards to Day 4’s post, What I’m Giving Up For October.

You may well wonder what this has to do with Chocolate Week but if you read my post from Day 4 you will know I’d given up chocolate for the entire MONTH!

I’ve also given up crisps, alcohol and takeaway food… well, I tried to anyway!

The First Week

The first 2 days of the first week weren’t that easy, I struggled. Mostly with the lack of alcohol, I enjoy a nice cold glass of wine in an evening so it was really difficult to get out of that habit. The after the first 48 hours it wasn’t so bad, eventually I forgot about it.

The other food items weren’t too bad to go cold turkey with, I gave them all up in favour of home cooking and plenty of fruit. It was all going so well, in 8 days I even lost half a stone in weight! I was really pleased with my efforts, just by making those small changes.

Day 9

Yep, I’m going to signify this day as a lone day, my downfall day. My husband went away for the night, so I was left unarmed and unprotected. Lewis thrust a Chinese Takeaway menu at me! He wanted Sweet & Sour Chicken for his tea, I couldn’t say no to him, I’m such a soft Mum! So one Chinese Takeaway later I was left defeated, so then I thought “sod it” and had a Gin & Tonic! I was suddenly out of control, all my hard work fell apart. Damn!

Day 11

Yesterday wasn’t much better, although slightly determined to make up for the bad weekend. I’ve removed all alcohol from the cupboards again and I’m banning myself from the takeaways again, but I did have a small chocolate bar and a handful of crisps.

I’m determined to make the rest of the month a success, so today I shall pick up my broken pieces and carry on – quick hide all the Chocolate Wrappers, Alcohol, Takeaway menus and crisps!


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  1. TheSouthernerBlogs

    18th October 2018 at 7:45 am

    Firstly, congrats on keeping up the pace with Blogtober, that’s no easy feat! Secondly, I wish I’d attempted something like this – winter is horrendous for cravings and takeaways/chocolate are the go-to’s. I can definitely relate to the giving in to takeaway menu’s!

  2. RaisieBay

    17th October 2018 at 11:37 am

    It’s never easy is it. I do find that cutting out certain things that are not healthy do make a real big difference. We all give in sometimes though. x

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