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5 Terrific Outside Autumn Activities

Autumn is typically seen as a very cozy season, and one in which we come indoors, so to speak, after the summer. There’s a certain image we all have in mind: curled up with a light blanket, changing leaves in view through the window, a cup of hot tea or a sweetened latte in hand and a mystery novel open. It’s a season of light indulgences, warmth, comfort, and pleasure in the little things. However, it’s also not a time to fully barricade yourself in your home! Granted weather varies from place to place, but in most cases the weather is still reasonable during the autumn, and it can actually be an especially charming time for outdoor activity.

To speak to that idea a little further, I’m outlining five of my favourite autumn activities outside.

1.) Apple And/Or Pumpkin Picking

Okay, so picking pumpkins isn’t usually an option so much as picking them out, along with other decorative gourds, to adorn a mantle, a front stoop, a porch, etc. It still means roaming outside and enjoying the crisp weather, as well as nature’s bounty. But apple picking is truly one of the joys of the season. Several incredible orchards are still in the Midlands area, even if there aren’t quite so many as there once were. And while you can’t simply wander into someone’s orchard and start snatching apples, you can keep an eye out for picking events so that you can enjoy this almost inexplicably pleasant experience this season.


2.) Outdoor Pubs

For a lot of people, nothing beats a pint outside on a beautiful autumn day. The majority of pubs in the area, and in general, may be primarily indoors. But it’s not uncommon to see a few seats out front along the sidewalk, or open windows that create an indoor-outdoor atmosphere. And for that matter, some of the best pubs around England also have courtyards out back specifically designed to allow customers to enjoy the weather. It’s a lovely activity for an autumn day.


3.) Live Sports

Sports may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it should be mentioned that autumn is football season in the UK, and the Premier League is at the top of the heat. Everyone from the average international fan to the expert bookmakers will acknowledge that the Premier League is one of the best domestic football divisions on the planet, and that means great teams, beautiful stadiums, and excellent match day experiences. Whether you have a local team you support or you want to drive a few hours to see a major club in action, this is certainly one of the best activities to enjoy during the season.


4.) Gardening

It’s incredible how many people overlook autumn gardening! For whatever reason the traditional image of domestic gardening has become someone on hands and knees with a spade being baked in the spring or summer sun. While gardens need tending during these seasons however, lots of bulbs need to be planted in the autumn so that they can blossom and make the garden beautiful after the winter! For this reason, gardening is always a perfect outdoor hobby for the autumn.


5.) Walks In The Park

Yes, it’s a cliché to ever recommend someone go out and take a walk in the park. But cliché aside, autumn is gorgeous, and it’s best enjoyed if you’re outside feeling the air and seeing the trees as the leaves change colour and fall. So really, a walk in the park is about the best you can do! 

**This is a collaborative post.


  1. TheSouthernerBlogs

    1st November 2018 at 11:54 am

    I really wish there were orchards near us as it is the perfect, idyllic autumn activity. Oh well, at least I can take part in the others you’ve suggested. Thank you for sharing.

  2. thereadingresidence

    30th October 2018 at 1:39 pm

    Great ideas! You’re right, we do tend to stay in as the weather gets colder, but I know I always feel so much better when I get out and about. We went pumpkin picking yesterday and all absolutely loved it.

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