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Little Dragons Cafe (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Back in June 2017 Lewis got a Nintendo Switch for his birthday, it has been his most cherished possession ever since. Lewis loves having his time to relax and play his favourite games and the most recent game he has acquired has been a complete hit!

From the creators of Harvest Moon they now bring you Little Dragons Cafe to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. A fun and attractive story, perfect for keeping young children entertained for hours. Available to buy now!

The Story

The story starts with twin brother and sister helping their mother to build and establish their family cafe. Under instruction by their mother the twins are learning to take orders, cook, clean up and harvest new produce for the business. Then one morning things go horribly wrong, as the kids go for breakfast they find their Mother isn’t in the kitchen but in a deep deep sleep in bed. The twins are unable to wake her.

Suddenly an old man appears in the room, explains that their mother is part dragon/part human and gifts the twins a dragon egg. The twins are to raise this dragon to have any chance of saving their Mother.

From here you continue to follow the story of the game, meeting new characters and acquiring further help to run the cafe from 3 rather odd characters.

You will meet;

  • Billy, the king of slaking and seems to just want to have an easy life doing not a lot but wanting everything.

  • Ipanema; a lovely hardworking waitress, dependable and reliable. Although seems to have rather an anger issue towards Billy, just watch out for your furniture.

  • Luccola; an orc who just loves to cook. Dreams of being a famous chef and chooses to help in the cafe cooking up wonderful meals for paying guests.

Yourself with your chosen character (either of the twins, boy or girl) will help in the cafe, but also spend a good deal of time out foraging for fresh ingredients, collecting items and recipe cards to help build the menu at the cafe and maintaining the family business. Doing all this whilst taking care and raising your pet Dragon.

During peak times in the cafe it is advisable to be on hand as your members of staff variably have slacking off issues but being on site help keeps your staff motivated and the cafe running smoothly.


This game has an age rating of 3+ so you can probably already gather its going to be a fairly easy game to play. The controls are easy and so is the aspect of the game if your child is happy to follow the instructions of the Old Man, their sibling and team in the cafe. Personally, I recommend that when your child has a good grasp of reading alone then they will have absolutely no problems playing. You see, there is no speech to be heard in this game, its all done by speech bubbles and reading context. Perfect for a child in the mid-to-late stages of the Key Stage 1 foundation. Or alternatively great as a game to play together helping your child to read along the way.

The graphics are very cartoon based, Lewis was immediately taken by the “coloured in storybook” feel of the game whilst Leah (being of a late Key Stage 1 age) loved having to read the speech bubbles and being tested with some of the new trickier words she hasn’t come across before.


The only difficulty I personally faced (and my age could be a factor in my issue) is when I began cooking in the kitchen. You see, starting the cooking process involves the start of a mini game, I can I found to be rather frustrating. Whilst listening to a catchy little tune you use the arrow keys on your keypad to press the right directional key in relation to the arrows moving along the top of your screen, all in time to the music. I quite often found the keys to be moving so fast that I struggled to keep up and so did my children, in time Lewis became rather annoyed with it.

Like I said earlier, the controls of this game are easy. You are prompted regularly on what buttons to press when wandering around the game and you are regularly given screens with tips on to help you even more along the way.


All in all this is a lovely little game to play, the game-play is easy to get along with even though does get rather repetitive but it is light and challenging for younger gamers. Little Dragons Cafe is available now to purchase for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with a download to try out and review Little Dragons Cafe. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Eleanor May

    2nd October 2018 at 9:01 am

    I really want to get this game. I loved your review!

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