Family Holiday on the Norfolk Broads Diary – Day 7

After a pretty hectic nights sleep, killing mosquitos, rescuing them from the fire alarm (which kept going off), an anxiety attack later I finally got some Zzz’s only to be woken again at the crack of dawn to RAIN! We knew this rain was coming, it had been forecast so it was actually nice to see it after the weeks of sunshine, hot temperatures and heatwaves, so I wasn’t too upset by its arrival.

The rain also didn’t stop my keen young fisherman, Lewis set up his rod, took himself outside and armed with an umbrella had a quick fish whilst everyone else got dressed and ready for the day.

With everyone else ready for the day it was now time to bring Lewis back indoors and set off for the day, leaving Lewis to get ready whilst we travelled. The wet weather wasn’t going to stop up from enjoying our days adventures, it was only forecast to be wet for the morning anyway.

During our week we’d heard good thinking about a cafe at the riverside over at Ludham Bridge, so we’d hoped we could make it that way before we left of which we did, today was to be our day and it was perfect timing as we ate all the breakfast food for tea the previous night so we headed to Ludham Bridge cafe for breakfast.

After a lovely breakfast we continued travelling around various Broads, making the most of our last day on the boat and also sheltering from the rain before heading back to Potter Heigham in the mid afternoon.

We arrived back at the boat yard at about 3pm, mooring up and feeling really sad that was our last journey in our home boat, we would have carried on for a couple of hours but the tide was high and our boat couldn’t pass under the Potter Heigham bridge so effectively we had no where else to go.

Our last evening on our boat consisted of letting Sam and the kids do LOTS of fishing whilst I packed bags and loaded the car, a Fish & Chips dinner, a wonder around the town of Potter Heigham and book reading. The earlier rain had cleared up to be able to enjoy a lovely evening, and a lovely last night of our holiday.

The Morning To Leave

We had to be ready to hand the boat back at 9am on our last morning, the kids woke up very tearful after a fantastic week. Even Sam and I were upset to be leaving for home, but we are already making plans to return for another holiday next summer!

Thank you Herbert Woods for your wonderful boat and your incredibly friendly staff. See you next summer!

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