Family Holiday on the Norfolk Broads Diary – Day 6

After an evening moored up at Wroxham we weren’t quite ready to leave. Sam wanted to go to the towns fishing tackle shop and the kids fancied an outing to Wroxham Miniature Worlds. As a younger boy, Lewis had this very own Hornby train set, up in the loft at our previous house and both kids have always been keen train enthusiasts. So I knew they’d enjoy this outing a lot.

At Wroxham Miniature Worlds there are various displays to look at, mostly Hornby style railways from set up to look like various locations from around the world. There was a Great British layout, European layout, Japanese Layout and various more. All layouts were absolutely full to the brim of detail, fun and intriguing.

Upon our arrival the kids were both handed a fun quiz to complete based on their visit. Designed to keep the kids absolutely engrossed in their visit, the sheet including things to look for in the different layouts, such as finding a brass band, people selling balloons, counting electricity pylons and finding a random dog carrying a newspaper. Having the kids complete these tasks meant that the adults could take in all the detail of the scenes.

Other displays contained a large Lego zone, including Lego city, Star Wars And Harry Potter. There was also a Scalextric, slot car area where the kids were asked to find and count all “The Stigs”.

Next we came across an area containing vintage arcade machines, letting Sam and the kids have a game of PacMan and Space Invaders. There was also a Penny Arcade area, we changed some money into coins compatible for use in the machines and let the kids have some fun playing the slots, watching Jolly Jack and playing the grab machine to win an plastic egg with a surprise in it.

This is also where we came across the Train and Flight simulators, letting the kids and us big kids experience flying an aeroplane (ok, mostly crashing it) and also driving a train. Using various gears and levers we were able to understand how an aeroplane and train works.

Wroxham Miniature Worlds is open all days during major school holidays, closing for various days during the “low season” when tourist numbers are lower. Admission prices are reasonable, £9.95 per adult, £6.95 per child (aged 5-16), £8.95 per senior (over 60) and under 5’s are free. We arrived for 10am opening, leaving just before 1pm.

After a lunch stop on the way back to the boat, we grabbed some showers on the on-site shower unit and made our way on the river again. Leaving Wroxham and heading back towards Potter Heigham, we were conscious that time for our holiday was running out and we needed to ensure we were back at the boat yard for 9am on our final morning. We still had 1 more full day left and intended to use that as much to our advantage touring another good chunk of the Broads tomorrow.

One thing I have found about all of the river side towns is the amazingly gorgeous houses, holiday lets and sights. All of the towns have always been clean, vibrant and so full of colour. It’s hard to feel drab and dreary when there’s so much so see, so much colour to soak up and admiration to be done.

After leaving Wroxham we scoped out a location to spend the night, we came across Ranworth and the Malthouse Broad. Intending to moor up at the Maltsters Pub we headed over to find a space, but sadly the mooring was already full for the evening and all other nearby moorings were privately owned. Thankfully we had plenty of food supplies on our boat meaning and evening tea of bacon, sausages, eggs, toast and spaghetti (what more could you need?!), we moored up further up the Broad and settled down for the night.

The location we chose to moor up was close to a marsh, we chose this spot for ease of fishing, hoping for a healthy catch of fish during the evening. What we didn’t consider at the time was the also equally healthy amount of mosquitos which were going to decend and make their home in our boat (WOOPS!). It was like a swarm had come to take over, like those Cornish Pixes from the Harry Potter films, except no spell was getting rid of them. I had to close all the doors and windows on the boat and set about to them with wet clothes to kill them, some time later the boat was clear.

All in all the broad was lovely, gorgeous in-fact and a equally gorgeous sunset really rounded off a brilliant day.

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