Family Holiday on the Norfolk Broads Diary – Day 5

Another early night and early rise later we were up with the crows this morning, making the most of the early morning and available fishing time the kids enjoyed sitting by the river to wake up whilst I wrapped up on a bench reading a book. We were certainly making the most of the relaxing aspect of our holiday, every time I saw someone reach for a fishing rod I reached for my kindle and knew I’d be able to make the most of the peace.

Sometime later, after a pit stop at a boat service yard we headed off. A bit behind our intended schedule but we weren’t in a rush today so it was fine. Today we would be travelling further north on the Broads, our final destination for the day would be the town of Wroxham. Quite a tourist destination on the Broads.

On our travels we would travel past the ruins of St Benet’s Abbey, stop for a lunchtime break at Hoveton Little Broad, Hoveton Great Broad, Salthouse Broad And Wroxham Broad before finally arriving at Wroxham late afternoon.

Upon our arrival at the boatyard in Wroxham we were greeted by a swan who was intrigued in our boat and the possibility of having some food. Leah set about getting a slice of bread (we didn’t have any duck food at the time), returning to find that the swan had called it’s swan friends in the meantime and we had a whole flock at our boat.

Shortly afterwards we left the boat to venture into the town, taking in the sights, the view and generally enjoying being a tourist. One of the main attractions in Wroxham, the Wroxham Bridge is a low bridge which is by the footbridge you can see in the images below. Boats can travel under this bridge, so long as they are less than 7ft tall, but can only pass under the bridge with a specialist pilot in the town.

It involves the pilots putting the engine into full drive and basically flooring the engine thus creating the boat to slightly sinking making it low enough to pass under the bridge. Scary business but admittedly fun to watch. There are various bridges on the Norfolk Broads which run by similar means, or have can be navigated by yourself so long as the tide is low enough.

After a walk around the town, enjoying the delights of the towns main department stores, Roy’s Stores, featuring a food hall, home and clothing store, toy store and children’s clothes store (the town was literally owned by this Roy chap!) we grabbed some food to enjoyed back at our boat. It had been a hot day this day so we wanted to make the most of weather by enjoying time sat with our boat canopy open to enjoy the sun.

This also gave Sam and the kids hours of quality fishing time… again!

We spent the evening moored up at Barnes Brinkcraft, enjoying the view from the boat over to the Wroxham Bridge.

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