Family Holiday on the Norfolk Broads Diary – Day 4

We woke up nice and early this morning, the joys of having such busy days adventuring new towns and the rivers means we are exhausted by 9.30pm and usually asleep shortly after.

We needed to stay in Reedham for a short whilst this morning as we needed to pop to the village store for a small grocery top up and also top the water tank up again before setting off.

Today we planned a long day on the boat, making our way from Reedham back to Acle ready for heading to Wroxham the day after. We needed to make sure we had plenty of supplies for our long journey ahead but most importantly the engine needed its daily maintenance to ensure we could get the job done. Lewis was very eager to learn how to do the daily engine check so off he went with Sam to do his check, learning how to check the oil dip stick, check the water level in the engine and also ensuring the filter is clear of weeds/debris from the river. With these checks complete we could set off.

From day 2 you may recall our trip over the Brendon Waters, the choppy waters, bumpy ride and subsequent slight onset of sea sickness. The weather that day was completely different to the weather today, there was no breeze, the water was so so calm and also a big difference being the tide was completely out. This made our journey back to Great Yarmouth a heck of a lot easier, and much more pleasant.

Getting back onto the North Broads was nice, it felt like being back on a proper Norfolk Broad holiday with plenty of boats around every corner and also lots of windmills too.

One windmill I spotted on day 2 was called the Stracey Arms Drainage Mill, with it’s attached tourist attraction I was intrigued to stop by as we passed and see what it was all about.

The Stracey Arms Mill Shop & Tea Rooms is located right at the foot of the Drainage Mill, with its little on site animal farm with goats, donkeys, ponies, chickens, peacocks and much more.

Most of the animals roam safety by the side of the river making the stop off a very hands on experience for kids, and grown ups alike. The kids loved spending time with the animals, especially with the young goats who were new to the farm and enjoyed playing just as much as Lewis and Leah.

With the kids happily playing I decided to go and climb my first ever windmill, the Stracey Arms windmill is accessible to the public but not for much longer as it’s due to be closed for a large refurbishment.

On our return to the boat, one of the farms resident goats decided to follow us wanting to jump aboard with the children to join our holiday which caused no end of delight as the goat was calling out and the kids were giggling at it.

That night we headed back to Acle, where we spent our first night, for some lovely grub and let the kids play on the playground and arcade again. We moored up there again for the night knowing we were to have a good night and the kids would be happy to play.

Come back again soon for day 5

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