Family Holiday on the Norfolk Broads Diary – Day 3

This morning after a better nights sleep we woke nice and relaxed, ready to set off to Norwich…. after yet more fishing!

We were feeling quite sad to leave Rockland Broad, it was a lovely little area, peaceful and plenty of fish for Sam and the kids to get their mitts on. It felt really comfortable to be in, if we had time later in the holiday we’d return here or failing that we’d be sure to visit again on another visit.

Today was the day we were to visit Norwich, when planning our holiday I’d fully intended to visit Norwich Castle, spend some time off the boat and take in the sights of this city. Sadly upon our arrival at the castle we discovered it wouldn’t be open until later that day, as it was Sunday it doesn’t open to visitors until after lunch time. This was encroaching on lunch time, spoiling time we’d planned to look around the city and the time where we’d want to be getting back to the boat and making our way out.

Never mind, we found something else to keep us entertained and gave the kids some much needed exercise, we went hunting Rabbits! GoGoHares is taking place now until the 8th September, specifically located Hares dotted around the city and various other tourist attractions. These trails are fantastic days out for families and most importantly they are FREE too. Simply pick up a map in the city, or download the trail and off you go. Just don’t forget your camera!

After hunting some Hares, it was time for some lunch. During our trail we’d located a Yo Sushi so we knew we had to go there for lunch, Lewis absolutely adores sushi, tempura and noodles so it was a lovely treat for him. Leah being Leah had a bowl of boiled rice, some vegetables and cake, it’s a holiday after all!

We then did a spot of shopping after locating a Skechers Store and a Birkenstocks supplier for new footwear, a toy store for Lego for the kids to play with on the boat and then returned to hunting out more Hares. Leaving the city at around 4pm.

Norwich is very much a typical city, but with a slight twist with its waterway. There are new renovations all over with newly built apartments and such. What did catch our attention though was the amount of people that choose to actually live by the river, we came across a various little settlements, with outdoor seating areas, storage, fires and surfaces all covered over with tarpaulin for shelter whilst having a boat for living and sleeping on. A very interesting way of life, pretty much how my father in law lives but he’s in a rural location.

After leaving Norwich quite late in the afternoon we chugged along in our boat heading back to Great Yarmouth as much as possible, making it as far as Reedham with its swinging railway bridge. Here we moored up for the night, enjoying another night in another new location.

Come back soon for day 4.

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