Family Holiday on the Norfolk Broads Diary – Day 2

The start of Day 2 got off to a slightly rocky, sleep deprived, start. I’m never good sleeping away from home, the change in bed and usual noises to be to blame. I heard every noise, every ripple of water against the boat and not to mention every time Lewis head butted or kicked the paper thin walls! But through excitement of wanting to go and play on the water we woke and got on our way… eventually…. after some fishing.

In our early plans for our holiday, we had some ideas (but not firm ideas) of where we wanted to go. Basically Sam just wanted to cruise as far and as wide as possible, so I let him fill his boots when I said I wanted to go to Norwich for a day, wanting to do a little retail therapy and also visit such an old city.

So off we went. From speaking to our assistant yesterday at Herbert Woods we were warned it’d take a good day to get there but we were in no rush so we staggered our journey intending to arrive in Norwich tomorrow, taking in the sights and delights of The Broads.

One part of the journey we were looking forward to taking was the Channel between Great Yarmouth and Berney, Braydon Waters, affected significantly by tidal waters we needed to be past certain bridges before the tide got too high. Ensuring we could continue with our days journey.

We arrived in Great Yarmouth at good time, the tide was plenty low enough for us to stop for a short while as I needed to grab some more groceries we missed out on the day before. With a quick trip to ASDA completed and our water tanks topped up, we set off over Braydon Waters.

One thing we weren’t told about until after this part of the journey, was that if it was a windy day and approaching high tide the waters over this part become rather choppy… today it was nearly high tide and windy! The water was very choppy, through this part of the journey and the boat jumped around a bit but so long as we hit the waves head on it wasn’t too bad. One thing we did notice at this time was that there weren’t any other boats attempting to use this part of the water – rookie mistake! It didn’t help mine at Leah’s stomachs whatsoever haha!

After accomplishing our defeat we stopped at a mooring at Berney for lunch, overlooking the entry and exit of Braydon Water, with very little boat movement due to the waters. We were glad for the land and time to sit and take stock of what we’d just managed, we planned to have a better plan in place for our return voyage through the waters in a couple of days.

After a pit stop, some more fishing and a little stretch of our legs we continued further up the river. Passing the village of Reedham with his swinging railway line and chain ferry crossing, Hardley Mill (pictured below), the British Sugar factory and various river side pubs before deciding to find someone to stop for the night as we were approaching Norwich but didn’t want to moor there for the night.

We decided to stop at Rockland Broad for the night. We found this tiny boat mooring area, moored up and called it home for the night. Nestled away with other holiday boats, and having another pub just over the road we were set for the night. The New Inn at Rockland was a lovely little pub, plenty of visitors, passer bys and other boaters visiting. The food was delicious, fresh and they were also happy to accommodate me taking my own food in for Leah as she’s a terrible picky eater. Their hospitality was great, warm and friendly treating all of us as equals, despite Leah’s own food.

The Broad itself was so peaceful and quaint, moored up with other boaters and fishers alike it was easy to make friends and chat.

Come back soon for Day 3.




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