Back to School – September 2018

This morning my kids returned to school, aged 9 & 6 they are now in years 5 & 2. I have never felt as old as I do now, the years are just absolutely flying by and my kids are just absolutely embracing their lives and journey so well. I feel so proud to be their “Mom”.

Back in December we moved house and the kids both started new schools, so they’ve had a lot to contend with over the past 9 months but they were really excited to return to their new schools this morning and be reunited with their schools friends and also meet new friends.

The usual drill with most schools these days (because the school intake is drastically larger today than when I was at school) is that there are 3 classes for each school year. Leah has 3 year 2 classes and Lewis also has 3 year 5 classes. To keep the children well integrated with each other, and also allowing them to make new friends, each time the classes move up, the kids are shuffled. This is something both my children are use to and I agree with the shuffle, it’s nice to see new faces each school year and will also help my kids make new friends in their still new surroundings. We are fortunate that their schools do also make small allowances for friendship groups, Leah has been kept with a couple of her friends and Lewis has been able to stay with his best friend.

This school year will see Leah embark on her first residential trip, a 1 night stay somewhere in the local area. She’s really looking forward to this challenge, and even though it’s not happening until around Spring time she’s already asking when it is going to take place. I really do love how both the kids schools work well together to get the children use to Residential Trips, going every year and making it a regular occurrence.

Unfortunately for Lewis he’s unsure about Residential’s, never being given the chance until this year when he started the new school. The week he started the school he came home with the letter and it was the final deadline for payments for the Residential happening only a couple of weeks later, Lewis at this point really didn’t know anyone and still unsettled to commit to the trip so didn’t go. He’s also very close to myself and my husband, gets anxious being apart from us so I wasn’t surprised when he subsequently rejected this years Residential too. Such a shame but I’m glad 1 of my children seems very taken with the idea of Residential Trips and looking forward to her adventure, lets see what 2019 brings!

I suppose only now realisation has hit me, my kids are growing up too quick. At some point soon (I daren’t find out when yet) I need to start looking into Secondary School options for Lewis but also making my application for Leah to move up to the Junior School.

For Leah its simple I want her to go to the same school as her brother, the Junior School is fab and she will continue her schooling well there. I’m just not ready for my youngest child to be in Key Stage 2.

For Lewis I know the decisions will be more difficult, we have both a Secondary School but also a Grammar School on our doorstep. Both schools I don’t really know much about as we haven’t lived here long. I think early next year I need to be looking at the open days for both the schools and having Lewis decide which path he wishes to follow. Getting him into the Secondary School shouldn’t be an issue as we live in the catchment area but with the Grammar School he needs to sit and pass an entry exam. The school offers 105 places for year 7 children and usually has in excess of 1000 applicants. Its going to be a tough one.


But all that said, I need to sit in the today and now, cherish my kids at this age whilst keeping an eye on the future as I know full well it’ll be here before I know it.


Dropping the kids off at their schools was a doddle, Lewis is now at the stage where he really doesn’t want me to stand in the yard, he’d much prefer for me to stay until he sees his friends and then leave. I must be an embarrassing mum, but your never too old for kisses, cuddles and “I love you”‘s to be thrown across the yard. I know at some-point I won’t even need to enter the yard.

Leah was pretty much the same, she’s in a classroom quite close to the exit of the yard so I took her over to line up of which she then said “you can leave now Mummy” before her classroom door was even open! So independent. But I am so glad the kids were happy to be back at school, calm and ready to start their day.


I cannot wait for 3.15 & 3.30 to pick my children up, to listen about their first days back at school. I hope they are happy, settled and ready for this years journey!

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