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Moving House With 2 Older Kids

A lots happened since I gave up blogging nearly 2 years ago, my kids have grown up so much and become more independent, our family business has gone from strength to strength with my husband at the helm and me in the background supporting it. But what’s changed the most is our family dynamic.

Back in December 2017 we moved house, moving to the other side of Telford to be closer to our Dry Cleaning Business. This makes travelling times easier on us both but also we can chop and change shifts giving us more time with the kids and at home. During the move the kids were to also move to new schools and make new friends. Something I didn’t think Lewis would like the idea of, how right was I?

Involving The Kids With The Moving Decision…

Approaching the subject of moving house with 2 kids was a daunting task, especially with Lewis, then aged 8. He had his life, he had his friends at his school, he was settled. He didn’t want to accept the thought of moving home, changing schools and making new friends. I didn’t want to rock his boat and make him unsettled, I didn’t want to send his world crashing down around him. The thought of him doing all of this was too much for him, he became anxious and upset at the thought.

Leah being so young, then aged 5, she’s a lot younger and more robust, she could easily adapt to change. Only in year 1 at school i knew she could handle the change. Even though she had her friends, I knew being so young she can easily make new friends whilst also keeping in contact with her old friends from her previous school. She was happy with the idea of upping sticks and moving, but i didn’t think she fully understood what would happen, unlike Lewis.

Determined I wasn’t going to be the mother to just turn round to either of my children and demand that I am up rooting them and taking them away, it wouldn’t be fair on them at all. I gave them a simple task, and gave them full control.

I asked the kids to come with their Dad and I to visit their possible new schools and their new home. I told them they weren’t to make a rush decision and we would talk about likes/dislikes and answer any questions they may during the day but the overall decision was to be made in the evening or in the subsequent days. I was pleased when they agreed, more so Lewis who was adamant he would hate it and was upset but he would go. I made it very clear though if he didn’t like anything we wouldn’t move, he was happy with that.

My kids were in overall control, I made sure that they knew that.

The Viewings – Leah’s School

The day of the viewings arrived, both kids were nervous and Lewis was still adamant he wouldn’t like it but would go along anyway. Secretly I’d already admitted defeat that it wasn’t going to happen as Lewis wouldn’t even talk about the viewings beforehand, but I’d already got everything planned for the day so we went anyway.

First up we were to visit what would be Leah’s new school before lunch. The local schools to where we were looking at moving to have a separate Infant and Junior Schools. Leah being in year 1 would have 18 months at the Infant school. We were greeted by the Headteacher and shown around, she instantly made Leah feel comfortable and made all the conversation on a level Leah would understand, “here is the school quiet room, you can sit and read books in here”, “here is the school hall where we have assemblies, celebrate birthdays, give out gold star awards, sing songs and eat lunch” and more so “here is where your new classroom would be if you decided to join us”. Leah was absolutely balled over, she got to meet her potential new teacher and friends before our decision was made. By this point even Lewis was beginning to get sucked into it, his eyes had started to light up and loved Leah’s new school.

This filled me with so much hope for his school viewing after lunch.

Lewis’s School

Trying not to show too much how much Leah’s school pleased him, Lewis kept such a poker face. He was nervous but clearly excited to visit his potential new school.

Lewis was greeted by one of the School Leaders (Mr M) as the Headteacher was in and out of meetings. This bothered me slightly as I wished she’d have met him and we get to know her, but Lewis was happy to be shown around by the other member of staff especially with him being a male figure which Lewis has always settled better with so secretly I think this a blessing in disguise. Again like with Leah’s school, Lewis was talked to a lot more than my husband and I, I really could tell that the kids at the Junior school were treated a lot more older and more respectful, giving them more control and seniority. Lewis warmed to this immensely.


Again like with the Infants school, we were shown around all the school grounds, talked about activities, day routine and even saw their on site swimming pool! Lewis was talked to about his hobbies, of which Mr M was very pleased to hear about his passion for Archery and Motor Sports.

Our visit was rounded off with a look in the classrooms, getting to meet and see all 3(!) Year 4 classes and the teachers. All the staff were super friendly and made Lewis feel welcome.

A fab visit, of which Lewis said at the end of our visit “I love this school, when can I start?!”. I couldn’t have been more pleased and actually felt our luck for the first time turn! This made me actually feel that this move could actually be on the cards, I was amazed.

The House Visit

By this point I think the kids were already decided which way their minds were made, they had seen their schools, met various teachers and staff, seen the local area and also saw how close we would be living to the business. Even Lewis could see it made sense.

We just had to see the house.

A lovely Linked Detached property just off the main road leading into the town, 4 bedrooms, very spacious, clean and tidy. It felt like home. It must had done as the kids instantly set about arguing over who was having which bedroom! (YEY!).


Fast forward 9 months and we have been living here for 8 months now. We decided to move in a week before Christmas, to get the kids settled into the new house, spend Christmas here and also mentally get them ready for their new schools.

There was no question about that day, visiting the schools and the house, the kids were instantly smitten and Lewis just seemed to change in the space of minutes. From being so so nervous and upset to the next just instantly loving the thought and really looking forward to his future.

I couldn’t have been prouder of him, it really was his decision that gave us our future!

We are loving living here, both kids have made some amazing friends who we are seeing throughout the holidays (as am I) and we are living much closer to the business so I can pop in and help out when needed. Lewis has grown up so much since our move, he’s changed from this timid, anxious boy to this confident and decisive young man. He’s made some amazing school friends, friends I can actually see he will carry into teenage and adult life, inspirational and strong.

We finally feel at home.


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  2. MotherGeek

    2nd August 2018 at 4:46 am

    This makes me so happy. All 4 of you have changed since the move – for the better. You all seem happier and more settled. I’m a happy bestie – even though you’re still 80+ miles away haha xx

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