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Exotic Zoo Review – Meerkat Experience and Visit

As the summer holidays are in full flow I am continuously thinking up ways of keeping the kids entertained, giving them experiences and days out to remember.

Determined to keep the kids busy, I have come up with various and new fun days out these holidays that the kids haven’t done before.

Recently we tried our first experience. I came across an attraction local to us, Exotic Zoo, offering various animal experiences on a Buy One Get One Free offer so I knew I couldn’t resist booking the kids onto a Meerkat Experience. Wherever we go, if the kids see Meerkats they are instantly smitten and drawn to them, so I knew I’d be onto a winner.

Exotic Zoo is located at Lakeside Plant Centre in Priorslee, Telford. Opening a little over a year ago it really is going strength to strength. Director Scott has so much excitement about him, wants to give kids and families wonderful experiences but also his creatures and animals a wonderful life in their homes. You really do get a sense of his passion when you meet him!

The Experience

We booked onto the 30 minute Meerkat Experience with Scott and the kids instantly warmed to him, he made them feel welcome and relaxed. Scott explained where the Meerkats lived within the Zoo, which family was which in their enclosures. It was instantly clear just how much Scott knew and cared for each resident on an individual basis.

We were then taken around to one of the two enclosures, welcomed into their home and sat down to begin our visit. We were instantly greeted by 4 of the most inquisitive Meerkats ever, two girls and a pair of male twins. And so began our experience.

Scott was full of information for the kids, spoke to the them at a level they both understood him and also answered all of their questions.

The Meerkats were inquisitive and funny little creatures. They enjoy climbing, being fussed and most of all enjoy being fed which we were able to do during our visit. Leah was a little unsure of feeding the Meerkats their live mealworms but Lewis and I were more than willing to feed them.

After their meal the Meerkats were completely thrilled and very active, taking to doing more climbing, jumping from knee to knee of myself, the kids and Scott. At one point I had Meerkats climbing me to sit on my hat which was absolutely hilarious!

Happy snoozing Meerkat with a belly full of food.

Towards the end of our visit Scott explained how we needed to have a couple of minutes of calmness, to let the Meerkats relax ready for our departure. I think this little lady was more than relaxed, happily snoozing away on my foot!

After our experience finished we were able to wander around the rest of Exotic Zoo, visiting all the other animals.

One thing I like about it here is the interaction level with the animals, there are plenty of staff allowing children to go into the animals enclosures to spend some 1-on-1 time with the various habitants. Even the likes of of various dragons, snakes and lizards we are able to up close to with the supervision of a member of staff. A throughly fantastic visit and experience for any visitor.

On a normal visit we visit for about an hour to 90 minutes, taking our time as we wander around. I personally find the size of the attraction is very fair in relation to the admission charges of £3.50 per adult, £2.50 per child and under 2’s go Free.

A fantastic attraction regardless of age!

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