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Adonit Snap : Review

Technology is getting more and more advance these days, social media is awash with hand finished photos and even text messaging being replaced by hand drawn text and images. Even the latest update on the iOS front introduced Digital Touch where by the simple touch of a finger you can send friends simple hand written messages. Helping with this move in time Adonit have created a brand new mobile phone stylus ideal for such drawings, introducing the Adonit Snap.


This device is ideal for a range of mobile phone devices using the Android platform (Version 5.0 or newer) or Apple iPhone 5 or newer by simply connecting to your devices Bluetooth connectivity and is available in 3 colours, Rose Gold, White and Black.

Comes complete with Magnetic Strip and USB charging cable.



Power: To set up your device it’s recommended you charge it first using the charging cable provided, charging only takes up to 1 hour and will provide a continuous usage life of about 7 hours.

Storage: The magnetic strip included in the pack is designed to stick to the back of your mobile phone then you can clip your stylus inbetween uses.

Snap Button: This button doubles up as your power button and also your camera shoot button, making fun selfies at great ease.

Ultra Thin: This styles measures in at 12.1cm long, 4.3mm thick and weighs a tiny 9.3g.

Stylus tip: With a 1.9mm tip this stylus provides pin point precision making writing and drawing feel like you are writing on paper.


Turning on this device is simple, simply by pressing and holding the button on the stylus the little led light with shine green for when its on and red of when it is turned off, for conectivity with your phone you need to ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and the devices are paired. Whats more, the button also doubles up as your cameras shutter as the quick click of the button.

Holding this stylus is just as comfortable as holding a normal pen and because it weighs so little my hands feel absolutely no strain from using it. I also find that writing on the screen of my mobile phone an absolute dream, with the pin point precision of the 1.9mm tip writing messages comes with ease and is just as easy as every day writing. Where as previously writing with the tip of my finger just didn’t feel natural.


The casing for the stylus is made from anodized aluminum for the barrel and finished off with stainless steel detailing. The stylus is strong, durable and perfectly stylish making this a versatile but also attractive product. Designed to complement your mobile phone superbly I have found that the Rose Gold is an exact match to my iPhone 6.


Overall I think the Adonit Snap is a great mobile stylus, it works flawlessly with my iPhone and even works well at capturing selfies. I can certainly see how it will appeal to people who enjoy using social media networks such as Snapchat (not a network for me unfortunately) but it certainly is helping for my photo editing in Adobe Lightroom for iOS and also using my phone on these cold days where my gloves won’t work on my mobile phone.

Adonit Snap

This product is available to purchase now in the UK and is priced at £34.99.

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