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Write Size Pencils : Review

With my Children now being back at school they will spend a good chunk of their day writing. Leah has just started Reception class so I know this year will feature a good chunk of writing, grasping a simple life skill of holding a pencil correctly and writing. Meanwhile Lewis is now in year 3 so writing has become a major part of his day and he is now beginning to focus on neatening up his handwriting and also starting on his journey on joined up writing. For both of my children to achieve their targets in their writing journeys they both need equipment which will work to their needs and to help with that I have teamed up with Write Size Pencils who have provided Lewis and Leah with a set of pencils each set to their specific ages.


These pencils are specifically designed with little hands in mind, available in 3 different sizes starting from:

Ages 2-6 – For little ones of around a preschool, KS1 age who are beginning their writing journey and are learning techniques such as grip, control and letter formation.

Aged 6-10 – For Children of around a KS2 age, where they have learnt how to grip a pencil correctly and can form letters and words. This size of pencil improves confidence and ability when they no longer require such a chunky pencil.

Aged 10+ – For late KS2/Early secondary age where they are continuing to delivery results whilst also continually improving their handwriting skills.


For our review Lewis received a packet of the 6-10 years pencils and Leah the 2-6 years and I must admit I am very impressed. Lewis immediately got to grips with this pencil and instantly felt comfortable with it, telling me that he felt he could grip his pencil better which he much preferred compared to a normal pencil. He also noted that these pencils are much stronger against the leads snapping which is a daily issue for him at school with kids dropping them and being rather rough with them.


And again with Leah the results were the same, she also preferred the Write Size for ease of use, grip but also the pencil was shorter than a school pencil making it feel lighter in the hand giving better control. You can probably tell from the photos above and below the pencils are shorter than a standard pencil but that provides a better grip for your child as the top of the pencil doesn’t give any negative balance from the tip so your child feels in control the whole time.


I must say I am very impressed with Write Size pencils, the kids can use them with much greater ease compared to our normal pencils at home and at school. Lewis has even started taking a pencil case to school and requesting that he uses his own new Write Size pencil in classes which his teacher is happy with. The only thing I need to mention is that the chunky pencils of the 2-6 years pack will require a pencil sharpener which allows a thick pencil to be used in it, these are available in most stationery outlets.

Write Size Pencils are available purchase online direct with an RRP of £4.99 per packet.

**This is not a sponsored post we were provided with a set of Write Size Pencils for Lewis and Leah to test and review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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