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Playmobil City Life Emergency Medical Helicopter and Child in Wheelchair : Review

At the beginning of the summer holidays we were invited to jump aboard the PLAYMOBIL Playologist ship and become ambassadors for them for the next 12 months. We are delighted to be working with them, reviewing products, sharing latest gossip and getting to learn the brand. For our next review we were provided with two products from the PLAYMOBIL Hospital Range the Child In Wheelchair (6663) and Emergency Medical Helipcopter (6686).


These two sets are designed for children aged 4-10 years and perfect for little hands to begin their adventures of being a paramedic, doctor, carer and helicopter pilot.

Emergency Medical Helicopter

Included in this set are all the pieces required to construct the helicopter, two medics, a patient, stretcher, medical bag (with stickers) and various casts for the patient.

As per all the PLAYMOBIL sets, all the toys take a little constructing to put together. Full instructions are provided so armed with the instructions Lewis got to work building the Emergency Medical Helicopter.


For our previous review of the Fire Chiefs Car I spent some time alone with this set building it and getting to know the brand so this time it was nice to see Lewis working at the construction and seeing if he could put all the bits together.


Lewis is certainly a very hands on child so it was no surprise that he had no problems following the instructions and pretty soon I was produced the final result.


Like our other PLAYMOBIL sets I am still very pleased with the overall construction of the products and how sturdy the final build is. The doors open at either side of the helicopter, the pilot can climb in through the opening front window and the patient on their stretcher can be slid in through the rear door. There is a little tray to store the medical bag on which prevents the bag sliding around during flight and the paramedic can set next to the patient in the rear too.


The propellers on the helicopter also spin freely for extra ease of use for little ones and it certainly does make for excellent role playing and imagination. The characters of this set stand at the same height (except for children who are shorter) making this a great range of products for characters changing scenes and scenarios.


Child In Wheelchair

For the second part of our review we were provided with a smaller set, looking at a disability angle. With our society today I think it’s really important for my children to learn about people and other children around us, that includes physical and mental disabilities. So with this in mind I was really pleased to hear that PLAYMOBIL are also focusing on disabilities with this great Child in Wheelchair product.


Included in this set you get all you need to build the wheelchair, an adult to push the wheel chair, a child with various casts and a teddy bear. Because this set is again aged at children aged 4-10 years I let Leah follow the instructions to build this set.


Initially Leah had a bit of trouble getting the parts to fit but I think its because she’s never built PLAYMOBIL before so isn’t overly sure how it all fits together to work. But with a little encouragement she soon had the set built and ready to play with.


The child is designed to sit in the wheelchair and can be a little awkward to get to stay put when the child is wearing its cast on its arm as there is no firm support for it to stay in place. A simple jolt can result in the child tumbling out of its wheelchair but with that said it hasn’t stopped Leah wanting to play with it. The wheels move freely and are firmly staying in place. In particular we like the overall design and patterns of the wheelchair, the detailing on the arm cast with the cat graphic and the stars on the rear wheels really do make this product appealing.


Overall I am really pleased with both of the PLAYMOBIL products provided for our review, they were both simple to construct and even simpler to play with. The kids really have had bags of fun pretending to be medics, pushing the wheel chair and flying the helicopter, there is no shortage of play and imagination with these. Its of little wonder to me why PLAYMOBIL are a top manufacturer within preschool aged children.

The Emergency Medical Helicopter is priced at £26.99 whilst the Child In Wheelchair £4.99.

**We were provided with the Emergency Medical Helicopter and Child in Wheelchair to test and review. All words and opinions are my own. 


  1. Alison Turnnidge

    14th October 2016 at 10:42 am

    These look fabulous, my Daughter enjoys playing with her Playmobil sets. I may have to add these to her Birthday/Christmas list

  2. Elaine Betteridge

    13th October 2016 at 6:12 pm

    My son has recently got into Playmobil and he loves it, I think it’s really well made and better than Lego!

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