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An Elf For Christmas Magical Reward Kit : Review

This year really has gone by so so fast, it only feels like a couple of weeks ago we took down the Christmas tree and reorganised the house to make space for all the kids new toys which they got on Christmas Day. Before we know it we will be setting up the tree again, making preparations, getting in the spirit and making more space for this years gifts (which really doesn’t exist). This year I really want the kids to get into the spirit of Christmas from the 1st December, building up their excitement and anticipation for the big day. For this I have a couple of ideas in mind, the traditional advent calendar, a book advent (which you can learn all about here) and Christmas crafts (such as making homemade decorations). Another fab new idea which will be happening this advent comes from An Elf For Christmas where the kids are going to be closely monitored by Elf who will be coming to visit my kids and report back to Santa daily as to if my children are being naughty or nice. For our review we have been provided with the Boy Elf & Magical Reward Kit.

We have also been provided with Elf’s First Adventure story book which I am going to be adding to our Book Advent for day number 1. The story is about Elf visiting to stay with Children on the run up to Christmas and how he will report to Santa nightly, helping to keep our actual magical Elf’s visit alive.

An Elf For Christmas

The box is wonderfully presented in a traditional Christmas type box and from the moment you look at the box its hard not end up in the Christmas spirit, surrounded by traditional greens and reds. This set truly is packed with everything you and your child(ren) will need for a fantastically magical advent.

An Elf For Christmas

Included in the box for our Magical Reward Kit is absolutely everything you and your children will need for Elf to have a perfect stay with you this Advent.

An Elf For Christmas

  • Boy/Girl Elf – (depending which one you choose)
  • Arrival Letter – Letting your children know why Elf has come to visit
  • Lined “Dear Santa” Paper – So your child can write their Christmas List to Santa (the Elf can deliver it!)
  • Elf Reward Chart – Ideal for parents to help encourage children to stay on Santa’s nice list
  • Stickers – To be used on the reward chart
  • Surveillance Cards – Little perks which the Elf will bring back from Santa after each nightly report
  • Good Behaviour Awards – Perfect for awarding your child just before Christmas day, letting them know they have been awarded a special place on Santa’s nice list.
  • Beware/Santa Please Stop Here Sign – To let your children know that there is an Elf about, watching their every move which turns over to say “Santa Please Stop Here” when your child has been awarded their Good Behaviour Awards and Santa can call by on Christmas night. 
  • Departure Letter – From Elf to your children, letting them know that Elf is returning to the North Pole now and has enjoyed his stay. 
  • Thank You Card – To your Children from Elf after Christmas, letting them know of his safe return to the North Pole and would love to visit again next year. 

An Elf For Christmas

All the materials in this set are really well made and it is very clear just how much thought and consideration has been put into it to make Christmas perfect and magical for not just our Children but for ourselves as adults. I am really looking forward waking up in a morning and seeing the delight on my children’s faces as they work out where Elf will be watching them from today, I am looking forward to my children receiving their rewards and notifications from Santa each day and seeing how this will affect my children’s excitement in Christmas.

An Elf For Christmas

There are a couple of options for people looking to purchase An Elf For Christmas, first up you get a choice of boy or girl Elf and next you can choose to purchase the Magical Reward Kit (with Elf of choice included) for £24.99 or you can purchase the Elf alone (again, Elf of choice) for £17.50. At the end of the Christmas season you will find you will be short of a few bits of stationery but don’t worry about that either as the team at An Elf For Christmas are prepared with their refill sets for £12.50 which contain everything you will need for another Christmas of fun when Elf comes back to visit next year!

All I need now is for the 1st of December to arrive and we really can get Christmas rolling.

Over the advent period I will occasionally be posting images to my Instagram feed, keeping you updated on whats occuring with Elf, the messages he brings back from Santa, how we are utilising the stationery provided and how the kids are reacting and behaving.

**Disclosure: We were provided with Boy Elf & Magical Reward Kit from An Elf For Christmas to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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