Drumond Park Crazy Claw : Review

Last month I reviewed one of two new products to the Drumond Park range, Pickin Chickens, for our next review we are looking at the 2nd product, Crazy Claw.


Designed for children aged 5+ and for 2-4 players this is a great spin on your child’s favourite arcade game.

Contents of this game include;

  • Unit base and lid
  • Folding clear unit walls
  • Grabber tool
  • 12 Coloured balls (3 purple, 3 yellow, 3 green and 3 red)
  • 12 Toy Tokens
  • 4 collection cards
  • Sheet of stickers
  • Instructions


Construction of this game is fairly easy to complete, by slotting the clear plastic walls into the base and then the lid to the top of the clear walls you have the main unit built. You then attach the stickers as instructed by the instruction booklet and pretty soon you have this.


Next you need to set up the game to play, using the toy tokens you place them inside of the coloured plastic balls and then put the balls in the Crazy Claw unit.

Each player takes a collection card each (I gave the kids two cards each as they were playing together) and using the claw the youngest goes first. Using the grabber the player needs to select a ball within the tank, but there is an added twist as the other players have to be tapping the red plastic pads around the base of the unit. By hitting these plastic pads the balls will jump around the tank making it more difficult for the player with the grabber to select their plastic ball. Taking it in turns each player gets to pick a single ball and take the token within it, the first player with a full toy collection card is the winner.

One of Lewis and Leah’s favourite holiday activities is going to play in arcades, whether it be the 2p slot machines or trying to win on of their favourite bears from the grabber machines, so its needless to say just how well this game went down with them. My only concern with this game is that the kids sometimes get a little too carried away and accidentally lift the lid off the game which causes the side walls to bend. Putting the lid back in place can be quite tricky so I am regularly getting called back to put the lid back on but it really hasn’t stopped the kids enjoying it. When the kids have finished playing we use the unit as the storage too so there is no need to keep the box, we simply put all the parts back through the hole in the lid and put it away on the game shelf.

Crazy Claw is one of the newest games to the Drumond Park range and has an RRP of £22.99

**Disclosure – We were provided with Crazy Claw to test and review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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