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Colours Of The Sea Ariel : Review

Leah is certainly at an age now where she is very impressionable, she loves make believe, dressing up and most of all princesses. She really is a child after my own heart and I am particularly enjoying passing on my interests as a child onto her. In-particular one interest I adored as a child was Ariel from The Little Mermaid, so now Leah is of an age where she can sit, enjoy and sing along to soundtracks from films I have been absolutely drilling The Little Mermaid into her. So much so, Leah now knows majority of the words to Under The Sea and Part of Your World. So when Jakks Pacific approached me to review their Colours Of The Sea Ariel Doll I knew I couldn’t say no.

Colours of the sea ariel

This doll is recommended for children aged 3yrs+ and comes with in the box with her best buddy Flounder. Flounder is soft plastic yellow and blue fish, he doesn’t make any noises but he is the perfect accompaniment for this toy as he goes pretty much everywhere with Ariel in the films.

As Ariel is a singing doll she requires 3 AAA batteries to work which are included in this set. Ariel is also bilingual and can say many phrases, in either English or Spanish. On the back on Ariel’s torso there is a button to choose her language whilst on the front of her torso you can activate her speech by pressing the purple shell necklace.

Colours of the sea ariel

Ariel is a hard bodies doll, standing at approximately 34cms tall. Her arms move up and down and her head from side to side, she also comes with her complete with her tiara which is removable. Once you have removed the tags holding Ariel’s tiara in place it is almost impossible to put her tiara back in place and even harder to actually keep the tiara in place. So unless you actually have to remove the tiara I really do recommend you just leave it be.

Colours of the sea ariel

Upon initial set up of Ariel she only says a handful of phrases and also sings a short demo of Part Of Your World. To activate her fully to unlock the extra phrases you either press and hold the shell for 5 seconds or dip her tail in water. Ariel is fully safe to play with in water, she will sing and talk endlessly to your child as the water sensors on the rear of Ariel’s fin will activate her in water. Ariel can also be fully submerged which we found can muffle up her speaker slightly but by draining her causes the speaker to work fine again.

For the purpose of our review we were encourage to have our children bathe with Ariel, now sadly we don’t have a bath at our house but Ariel has had many showers but we have found that the water sensors don’t work whilst in the shower which is a shame. But that hasn’t stopped Leah from bathing Ariel in a bowl of which Leah really enjoys. Pretty soon we go away for a few days to a cottage which has a bath so no doubt Ariel will be coming with us so that she can bathe with Leah.

Colours of the sea ariel

Whilst Ariel is talking/singing there are lights in her tail which light up, change colour and spin which will looks amazing whilst your child is in the bath and we have found that some water can gather in Ariel’s tail fin but allowing her to stand for a short whilst afterwards lets to water drain off nicely.

Leah has really enjoying bathing her Colours of The Sea Ariel Doll and has also found it easy to brush Ariel’s hair afterwards to let it dry of which the original style sort of comes back albeit not quite as nice.

This Colours Of The Sea Ariel Doll has an RRP of £34.99

**Disclosure: We were provided with a Colours of the Sea Ariel to test and review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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