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University Games Seagull Splat : Review

As a family we love playing board games together, we find its great to just sit and relax as a family whilst also having a good amount of fun. For our next board game review we have been asked to review for University Games of which they sent us Seagull Splat.

Seagull Splat

This game is aimed at children aged 4yrs+ and recommended for 2-4 players.

Contents of the game include;

  • 1 Seagull
  • 1 75ml Seagull Foam Solution
  • 16 Character Cards (4 of each colour, characters include Mum, Dad, Boy and Girl)
  • 1 Spinner with attachable base and arrow
  • Instructions


To set up the game simply pour some of the foam solution into the top of the Seagulls head and reseal. Then removing the bung from the bottom of the Seagull squeeze the tail repeatedly until the foam solution starts to “poop” through with a squeeze. At the end of playing simply replace the bung in the Seagulls bottom to prevent leakages.

seagull-splat-1There are 2 ways to play this game, there is the easy version (for younger players) or the more advanced game for slightly older children.

Easy Version: The object of the game is to be the last player to keep one of his/her character cards.

Each player chooses a colour character full set of cards to begin with and lines them up in front on themselves. With the youngest player starting the game Leah spun the spinner. If the spinner lands on your own colour or the black triangle with an “X” in you miss a go, but if the spinner lands on a colour belonging to another player or on a multicolour triangle you get to have your go. The player then gets to pick up the Seagull and squeeze the tail over the matching/chosen colour. If the Seagull poops on the players Character Card that card is then out of the game, if the Seagull squeaks the card remains in the game.

The player who is left remaining at the end of the game with an “unpooped” character card is the winner.


Advanced Version: Score more points by being the player to collect all 4 of the same coloured cards.

For this game each player starts with 1 coloured card each (for 4 players playing) and the spinner isn’t required, the players go it is simply picks a colour they need to try and make a collection of 4. Again if the bird poops the card is theirs, if no poop the card stays.



The foam provided as part of this game isn’t like bubbles which children blow outdoors, I’d say the bubbles are more like undiluted washing up liquid consistency. They are rather thick, making a good splat on the table thus giving this game a really good feel about it. The character cards are all easy to clean up at the end of a game and whilst your kids play they will certainly make your room smell nice as the foam is fragranced its lovely! My only slight concern with regards to the foam mixture is that it’s a rather small bottle, the kids have enjoyed numerous games with 1 top up being required so I don’t know how long the foam mixture will last yet but I am hoping to be able to purchase top ups.

This game is great for players of any age and with a witty humour of poop being involved it certainly does catch the attention of children. Available to buy now, with an RRP of £19.99.


  1. Keri Jones

    17th September 2016 at 10:57 am

    Love the look of this, my son has asked me a few times for this game- I think I’ll get him it for Christmas 🙂 x

    1. Rebecca Bodkin

      19th September 2016 at 2:30 pm

      It’s certainly a very fun game and one my kids are thoroughly enjoying.

  2. Kim Carberry

    16th September 2016 at 10:10 am

    hehehe! This looks and sounds like a lot of fun!

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