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The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham Pitches In To Safeguard Native Marine Life

As part of my ambassador program for Sea Life Centres I like to share important and exciting news. Our latest press release is all about winning protected statuses for 34 areas of the UK to help safeguard our coastlines and marine life.

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The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham Pitches In To Safeguard Native Marine Life

Visitors to The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham are being urged to help win protected status for vital marine habitats around the English coast.

Important sites ranging from the seagrass beds of Studland, Dorset – home to two species of seahorse – to the Solway Firth and its nursery grounds for bass and Pollock, are among 34 proposed new protected zones.

Now visitors to the attraction will be encouraged to sign postcards calling for all 34 to be declared Marine Protected Areas.

“We may be a long way from the sea here in Birmingham,” said The National Sea Life Centre’s Senior Aquarist Sarah Fletcher, “but we are a flagship for a coastal Sea Life network that touches many of these proposed new MPAs.

“Everything we do here is about education, and raising awareness of the need to safeguard our seas, and that begins with looking after those around our own coastline.”

Sea Life has helped the Marine Conservation Society and others persuade the Government to approve 50 coastal MPAs already.

MCS believes another 34 are necessary, however, including Studland, if the overall protected area is to succeed in helping safeguard our native marine life for the future.

Rachel Alcock, Senior Campaigner for MCS, said that seeing native marine animals close up at The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham makes life under the sea real, often for the first time, for visitors.

“After getting an idea of what lies beneath the waves, visitors can now really get involved in helping secure the future of habitats and species,” she added.

“Centre visitors can now show the government how much they care about our seas and how vital the proposed new protected areas are.”

Sea Life’s partner charity The Sea Life Trust has made habitat protection its primary goal in 2016, and is championing calls for more protected marine zones off the US and Australia as well as the 34 new areas recommended for England.

The Trust hopes The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham and its sister centres around the UK will collect at least 100,000 postcards.

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