Summer Holiday Fun at The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham

Early on during the summer holidays the kids and I took an outing to The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham. We were to visit a fab new event happening all about the new Disney Pixar film, Finding Dory and also enjoy a Behind The Scene’s tour as part of our ambassador programme. We are really enjoying our time again with Sea Life Centres this year enjoying all their events and sharing regular news updates with you.

Before our visit the kids and I were fortunate to have a trip to the cinema to watch the new Finding Dory film so armed with all their Finding Dory knowledge we headed in for our adventure. sealife-finding-dory-behindthescenes-6235-1

The kids were given a special task to complete, on our walk around the aquarium they had to look our for tanks which had plaques within searching for fun facts and letters which when all collected spelt a special word to help protect our oceans and the creatures that live within it.


As part of our visit we were invited to also visit the Behind The Scenes Tour here we learnt all about the types of foods that each fish enjoys, their special diets and treats. There is a lot of food to look at of which there is so much handled on a daily basis to ensure that all the animals are fed and are receiving the right nutrients. You are also given an opportunity to smell some of the different foods which were rather smelly, but taste great to the fish receiving them!


We also got to take a look at certain fish which were receiving treatment or raising their young, the kids were particularly taken with a certain tank containing a young family of Blue Tangs of which raised their excitement levels up a notch as they enjoyed seeing a “Young Dory”. Lastly the kids got to hold skeletal remains of certain creatures and sharks teeth.

All in all we once again enjoyed our visit to The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham as part of our ambassador programme, tickets for the Behind The Scenes tour can be upgraded as part of your entry priced at £3.50 per person. This includes a 25 minute talk and tour as your chosen time.

Towards the end of our visit we were greeted by a huge walk in tank, here the kids got to pretend that they were in a fish tank.


**This is not a sponsored post, we were invited along to The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham take part in the Finding Dory Event and also Behind The Scenes tour as part of our ambassador programme. All words and opinions are my own. 

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