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Playmobil City Action Fire Chief’s Car : Review

Last month I was absolutely delighted to become a Playmobil Playologist for the next 12 months, I am really looking forward to sharing events, news and of course reviews of products with you all. As a child growing up I knew little about Playmobil, I played with friends sets but that was about it. Even now as a mother I still know little about the sets and even my children have only played with Playmobil and nursery or playgroups in the past.


I am particularly looking forward to that all changing now, learning more about their ranges, products and the overall construction and play of these products.

For our first review assignment Lewis and Leah were provided with this Playmobil Fire Chief’s Car with Lights and Sounds, priced at £18.99. This set currently comes with a special edition sticker set celebrating 150 years of the London Fire Brigade.


Designed for children aged 5-10 years this set contains everything you need to construct and set up for hours of fun and play. Having read up about Playmobil I do like how these sets are partially built, allowing your child the fun yet simple task of building their product without providing too much flexibility which can cause frustration. With your child’s product built they are set for endless adventures, no loose fiddly parts or tiny pieces which can easily get lost.


With this being the first ever Playmobil product we have ever owned I took charge of the construction, I wanted to get a feel for the product and how it all builds together. Overall I am very pleased with it all, its sturdy, robust and won’t break into a thousand pieces on a small impact. I had problems with putting the tyres onto the rims but its only because the rubber is quite stiff and caused my fingers and nails to ache but everything else was a doddle. I am very confident that Lewis could easily construct a set following the instructions and Leah may need a big of supervision, but she is still 4. Within a couple of minutes I was finished with the construction, ready to take a good look around and also hand it over to my kids to have a play.


I particularly like how everything just clipped into place, the wheels are easy to clip on and can be removed again by removing the chassis of the vehicle and un-clipping them. The windscreen can be easily removed and put back on for easy insertion and removal of the fire chief and the boot opens and clips shut again easily.

An addition to this set is the lights and sound bar on top of the fire chief car, adding an fun addition to this set perfect for getting a young child into the action of their game. This again is clipped into place on the roof of the car and can be easily removed. There are 2 sound settings of which you can change the setting using the clip underneath and your child can easily activate the lights and sound be simply pressing one (or both) of the buttons on top of the bar. The sound is on a timer of roughly 10 seconds of which then it will stop, where as the lights are not on a timer but they can be easily be turned off again by pressing the black button again.


We can’t not talk about the Fire Chief himself, standing at 7.5cm tall he is sturdy and can hold any of the additional tools included in this set at ease in his hands and there are 2 hats for him to do his work. His arms are free moving, allowing you to raise an arm individually to your child’s required position but his legs move together.


Overall I am very impressed with the build quality, practicality and construction of this Playmobil Fire Chief Car product its of little wonder to me why Playmobil are a top manufacturer within preschool and I am looking forward to future reviews over the coming 12 months getting to know more about the products and the brand.

Playmobil Fire Chiefs Car

**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with the Fire Chief Car from Playmobil to test and review. All words and opinions are my own. 


  1. relentlesslypurple

    27th September 2016 at 1:34 pm

    This looks awesome! Izzy would love it 🙂

  2. Emma at Life According to MrsShilts

    23rd September 2016 at 12:11 am

    Great review of the Fire Chiefs car, we love Playmobil here too! Looking forward to reading all your reviews over the next year

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