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Orchard Toys What’s The Time, Mr. Wolf? : Review

Now that I not only have 1 but 2 children in school I am feeling more eager to teach my children vital skills for life at home. Skills which should be easy enough to pick up but can also be done a fun way, through play. Lewis is now in year 3 and Leah has just started reception class, and I skill I’d love for them to pick up is telling the time, such an easy skill but also a vital one for getting about in life. With the help from Orchard Toys they have offered to help us on this quest by providing Lewis and Leah with What’s The Time, Mr. Wolf?

A time telling board game where you child will not only learn what time means but they will learn how to differentiate the time on a clock and also a digital clock.

What's The Time, Mr. Wolf

This game is recommended for children aged 5-9 years, and for 2-4 players. Leah is actually aged 4 but she was eager to play with a little help from me.

Contents of the game include;

  • 1 Jigsaw playing board
  • 20 Double sided square cards – 1 side holds a digital clock with animal character on, the other side is a static clock resembling the time on the opposite side.
  • 4 Jigsaw double sided collection boards – 1 side showing an animal character on coloured squares on, the other showing clock faces showing certain times.
  • 1 Large clock face with movable hands
  • 1 3D wolf with attachable arms
  • 1 Dice
  • 4 Animal character playing pieces with stands
  • Instructions

What's The Time, Mr. Wolf

What's The Time, Mr. Wolf

There are 2 ways to play this game, each way is just as educational to your child whilst also keeping the game fun and exciting.

Game 1 – Using the whole kit included in the box you set up the playing board and the players choose a character and matching collection board (with the coloured squares on), the players put their characters on the playing board in the allocated places. With the square cards placed animal side up by the playing board the youngest player starts the game by rolling the dice and moving their character on the playing board in a clockwise direction. There are 2 logo’s your child can land on during this game;

Clock with “?” inside – Landing on this means the player can collect a square card from the pile in front of them. Then reading the character side of the card the player has to then use the large clock to match the time on the square card. When the player thinks he/she has finished they can then turn the square card over to reveal the clock side (picture shown below), if the clock side matches the large clock the player can keep the card and places it on their collection board. If the clock doesn’t match the card the player returns the card to the table character side up.

Mr Wolf – If you land on Mr Wolf the player has to forfeit a square card on their collection board and feeds it to Mr Wolf through the 3D stand. They then hand the next go over to the next player. If the player doesn’t have any cards on their collection board you just miss that go.

The player to fill their collection board first wins the game.

What's The Time, Mr. Wolf

I personally find the large clock face fantastic, as it is clearly labelled with o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter too, the minutes of the hour and also the hours. Making time telling for young children so fun and easy to learn. They can also differentiate easily enough between the minutes hand of the clock and the hour hand as they are coloured and of a different size.
What's The Time, Mr. Wolf

Game 2 – Is just as fun and I’d say only a little bit more advanced. Its a simpler game where only the collection boards and the square cards are required. Using the collection boards with the clock faces side showing the players need to match the times on their boards to the square cards. With the square cards piled up with the digital sides showing, the player needs to collect a card, read out the time and see if they can match it to a clock face shown on their collection board. If they think they have the right time they turn the square card over to reveal the answer.

The player with their collection board full first wins the game.

Orchard Toys What's The Time, Mr. Wolf

At the moment we have only played game 1 as I like how my children really concentrate over moving the hands on the clock face to then see if they got the right answer.

Can you tell who won our first game?

Even though this game is recommended for children aged 5 years+ I have let Leah play it (aged 4) and she appears to be grasping the concept of a clock and time really well. She requires help from me but with a little coaxing in the right direction with her hours and minutes she really is making progress and thoroughly enjoys this game. Lewis, aged 7 has only vaguely touched on time telling at school so I am finding this product for him really is helping to fill in that missing gap and is making excellent progress. A very good game for children of a primary/junior school age.

What’s The Time, Mr. Wolf is available to purchase very soon (26th September 2016) with an RRP of £9.50 this again is a fantastically priced product keeping games fun and also educational.

**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with What’s The Time, Mr. Wolf? from Orchard Toys to test and review. All words and opinions are my own. 



  1. Angela Webster

    19th September 2016 at 9:16 am

    I love the Orchard games & puzzles they are fun but educational at the same time, we have a few in our collection our favourite at the moment is Farmyard Bingo.

    1. Rebecca Bodkin

      19th September 2016 at 2:35 pm

      Aren’t they just? We are certainly big fans here!

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