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BABY Born Sister : Review

Today is a special day, its National Sister Day. To mark this special day Leah was gifted with a new doll to help her celebrate. From Zapf Creation, Leah now has her very own BABY Born Sister doll of which she has immediately named Holly after her best friend.

From the moment Leah understood she was the younger sibling to Lewis she has always wanted to be an older sister. Leah is incredibly caring and being able to care for a younger sibling would be Leah’s dream, showing her sibling the ways of life and doting on them endlessly.

The BABY Born Sister is a more grown up model of dolls which Leah currently owns, moving on from the baby stage which her current dolls are at. Designed for children aged 4yrs+ and standing at 43cm tall this doll is adorable for any growing child.

Baby Born Sister-6198-1

Included in this set is;

  • 1x BABY Born Sister Doll with Outfit
  • 1x Pair of Shoes
  • 1x Hair Brush
  • 1x Water Bottle
  • 2x Bracelets, 1 for your child and 1 for their doll
  • 3x Hair Grips
  • 2x Hair Bands

Baby Born Sister-6202-1

Upon first impressions of this new doll I am pleasantly pleased, the detailing to Holly’s hands and feet are adequate as well as her mouth, nose and ears. My only slight gripe is that she doesn’t have eyes which open and close when she is sat up or laid down, that said though, she has some wicked eyelashes! Holly is a free standing doll, standing at 43cm (17in) tall and also features knees that bend, arms that move at the shoulder and a head that twists at the neckline.

Baby Born Sister

Using the water bottle provided your child can give their new doll a drink of water, by simply inserting the bottle into the dolls mouth and squeezing the sides of the bottle. From there your child can squeeze the dolls right arm and serving like a pump their doll can cry real tears. Leah particularly enjoys giving her doll a bottle, but doesn’t particularly like seeing her doll cry, she is a sensitive girl. Life between Leah and Holly is always bright and happy.

Baby Born Sister 1

The dolls shoes are made from a soft plastic ideal for protection against damage and as they are soft they are super easy for putting on Holly’s feet whilst also ensuring they don’t fall off easily. Holly’s body is also all plastic, so that your child can bathe with their new doll and the hair is made from nylon threads which is thick and strong making for easy styling and combing.

Holly is from the Interactive range of BABY Born products and is compatible for play with the Interactive Bathtub and Bed, I know now that these two items have already been put on Leah’s wishlist for Christmas.

Baby Born Sister-6217-1

Baby Born Sister-6224-1

We have had this new BABY Born Sister for just over a week now and as you can see Leah and Holly are already practically inseparable, they enjoy outings together, walks in the parks and Holly was able to sit at the side of the swimming pool as Leah’s recent swimming lesson to watch.

As yet the BABY Born Sister is not yet available to buy in stores until later in August 2016, with an RRP of £44.99 she is a fantastic doll.

**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with a BABY Born Sister to test, review and celebrate National Sister Day. All words and opinions are my own. 

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