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Drumond Park Og On The Bog : Review

With the summer holidays fast creeping up on us I have began to look at ways of keeping the kids entertained. As the weather is looking very unsettled right now not only am I looking at garden games, but also indoor games for the days where the weather is a complete let down. With the help of Drumond Park we have been sent to try out another of their games, this time Og On The Bog.

The aim of this game is to steal all of Og’s Loo Rolls whilst he’s on the loo.
Og On The Bog-4609-1

This game is aimed for children aged 5 years + and for 2-4 players.

Contents of this game include;

  • Og On The Bog
  • 12 Loo Rolls
  • Pole & Pole Base (Attached in photos)
  • Spinner on Card
  • Instructions

Og On The Bog-4612-2

This game is super easy to set up and with its fun method of playing Lewis couldn’t wait to get stuck in… you know what kids are like with toilet humour!

Og On The Bog-4615-3

Game Set Up

First of all insert 3xAA Batteries into the bottom of the device (batteries are not included). Switch on the game using the power switch next to the hatch where you inserted the batteries, turn the Bog back over and put all the sides are up surrounding Og. With the pole and pole base inserted to the side of the Bog you then put 6 loo rolls on the pole. Each player playing gets 2 loo rolls each and the youngest player goes first.

Og On The Bog-4614-1

With the youngest player going first they spin the spinner and depending what it lands on depends how their turn progresses.

The Red Cross – Means the player has made a noise and is not safe to tip-toe up to Og’s bog. This player has lost their turn.

The Hand Holding The Loo Roll – Means that the player can pinch a loo roll from another player in the game.

The Green Tick – Means the player can creep up to Og’s bog to steal a loo roll. By pushing down the front step of the bog the player will hear certain noises. If Og says something this means he has heard you and you must run away. If he grunts or farts Og has not heard you and you can carefully lift a loo roll from the pole but be careful as twitching the pole too much may disturb Og. If you twitch the pole too much and Og talks you must put the loo roll back and your go is over, if he grunts he still didn’t hear you the roll is yours.

Og On The Bog-4616-4

If Og becomes completely aware of what is going on outside his Bog will explode, the player who disturbs Og then has to put two loo rolls back on the pole, rebuild the bog and your turn is over.

The first player to collect 4 loo rolls (for 2-3 players – or 3 loo rolls for 4 players) is the winner of the game.

Og On The Bog-4629-5


Og On The Bog-4632-6

Even though Leah is 4 and below the recommended age for this game she has found that the instructions are easy enough to follow and really enjoys playing this with her brother. This game is great fun for any young child with good humour for toilet mannerisms and really does cause endless amounts of giggling when Og farts or moans.

**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with Og On The Bog to test and review. All words and opinions are my own. 


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