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Brainstorm Toys Spider Catcher : Review

Summer brings about that time of year where homes all over the UK gain new occupants taking up residency around the house, i’m talking spiders. In our house its rather rife at the moment, the kids absolutely hate them being in the house instructing me to remove them from the corners of their bedrooms at night before bedtime. With a little help from Brainstorm Toys and their Spider Catcher I am now able to remove these critters harmlessly and take them back outdoors.

Spider Catcher-4589-1

Included in this set is the spider catcher itself, cone for covering up the bristles, toy plastic spider and hook for attaching to a wall.

Spider Catcher-4593-3

The spider catcher is really easy to use simply by pressing the trigger on the handle the bristles will open and close making it easy to catch your target. The bristles are made from a soft bristle which is designed to catch your insect and release them back outdoors without harming them, this product is a perfect natural environment pest control gadget. Ideal for capturing spiders, daddy long legs, moths, butterflies and more. This product can easily capture insents from 2mm (0.08 inch) in size to a length of 25mm (1 inch) without harming them and coupled with the 65cm (25.60 inches) long handle you also have the ease of reaching to ceiling corners without having to get close.

Spider Catcher


Included in this set you also receive a plastic toy spider, this designed to help you realise just how easy it is to capture your critter and release them back into the wild. Also kids will love capturing their pretend spider, making it easy for them to get over their spider fear and help them understand just how friendly this gadget is.

Spider Catcher 1With the sticky patch hook you also have the convenience of hanging your spider catcher on a wall for ease of finding again and also keeping a tidy home.

Spider Catcher-4608-7

This product is absolutely perfect for people suffering from arachnophobia to remove unwanted insects from the home, or for people like my kids who just want creepy crawlies removing from their bedrooms. Also ideal for nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to capture insects out of their reach to have a closer look.


**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with a Spider Catcher from Brainstorm Toys to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Christina

    18th July 2016 at 8:30 pm

    OH MY GOSH!!!! I need to purchase one of these. I absolutely HATE spiders and I am so conscious of not passing on my phobia to my nearly 3 year old daughter – apparently when I was a baby my father freaked out as there was a spider crawling towards me on the carpet, which in turn scared me and made me cry and everyone says that is the reason why I hate spiders so much even to this day! My daughter always wants to touch them, and inside I feel like screaming and running for the door…..but I think I might be able to control my urge to run away just long enough to use this amazing gadget!!! I can always tell her that we’re using it as we don’t want the spider to get hurt!

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