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So Your Friend Is Having A Baby… Baby Gift Ideas

I’m sure most of us, if not all of us have a friend right now who’s expecting a child. I know I do, more than one friend too. Babies are popping up everywhere, this really is giving my ovaries a right good ol’ shake up.

Determined to be an awesome friend I have been having a mooch about various webpages recently trying to find some lovely little gifts for my friends and their newborns. Personally I try to keep gifts to the “norm” being either clothing, essentials, something new a quirky or a little toy. Also I don’t tend to necessarily concentrate on the newborn stage either, more something a child can grow into or grow to enjoy.

With the help of George at ASDA I have popped together a baby gift ideas list for you to have a look at. I have also included some tips on perhaps something you could try out if you are looking for that “something different” for your friend.


My first and main tip for clothing is I never buy anything with a label “newborn” on it, babies only stay newborn for a matter of weeks so I always buy a gift which has a label of “0-3/3-6 months”. Being an expectant parent in the past and excitement of welcoming a new arrival into a family I always bought so much for my children which said Newborn on it so I never really needed anything more. I felt terrible at times in the past where gifts had been bought for my babies where either they didn’t get chance to wear that particular item because they outgrew it. I’ve even taken numerous items back to the store and exchanged them for the next size up.


ASDA Baby Gift Ideas Campaign


Essentials are items which ever parent will absolutely need at some stage over the coming few months. If you are thinking of doing a hamper type of gift for your friends new arrival essentials could include nappies, bath lotion and baby wipes etc. I even received a couple of tins of formula when I had Leah (as i fully intended to bottle feed), these tins were an absolute god send saving me a small fortune and were not wasted at all. Other essentials could range from blankets, to towels, bath toys and safety equipment.


ASDA Baby Gift Ideas Campaign 1

Soft Toys

Every baby needs a soft toy, even from a Newborn age. The baby wont necessarily play with the item as such but they are becoming aware of their surroundings and bright moving objects will be their first line of focus. From then the child will recognise the item and learn to eventually play with it. Soft toys which encourage sensory awareness do tend to be a big hit, from the rattle of a paw, the crinkle of an ear, the reflection on the toys mirror all of these have a sensory advantage to a young child.


ASDA Baby Gift Ideas Campaign 2

Something for Mum

You may also want to take this time to remember that not only is there a new person but your friend has been amazing and brought this little bundle in to the world. Perhaps you need a gift for Mum too, I really do not recommend wine as a gift, as drinking alcohol whilst on sleepless nights and breastfeeding really aren’t the best move. Pampering gifts, gifts of treats or even essentials again really would make any new Mum feel good. I recall when Lewis was born a friend picked up myself and my husband a couple of ready meals which were an absolute god send after being in hospital for 3 days all I needed was some rest and no cooking was just beyond perfect.

So if you have a friend who is expecting a new arrival and you are looking for that great gift(s), you now have some great tips to make that ever so important purchase.

Do you have any hints or tips for making that all important purchase? I’d love to hear them, leave a comment below.

**This post is in collaboration with George at ASDA.

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