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Baby Annabell 2in1 Baby Unit Wardrobe & Goodnight Dummy

Leah loves imaginary play, especially when it comes to her Baby George (the Baby Annabell Brother doll) so when the team over at Baby Annabell asked if we would like to review again for them I knew I couldn’t say no. This time we have gone down the route of reviewing accessories of which we received the 2in1 Baby Unit Wardrobe and Goodnight Dummy.

Baby Unit and Dummy

2in1 Baby Unit and Wardrobe

This accessory is a great idea for saving space, the top features a changing table whilst underneath is a wardrobe with ample storage space. Standing at 49cm tall its ideal for any young child.

Contents of this set include everything you need to construct the unit with lovely finishings.

Baby Annabell Baby Unit Wardrobe-4710-1

Made from plastic it is a safe toy for children, easy to construct and surprisingly very sturdy once built correctly. Construction instructions were simply to follow and within 5 minutes we were finished and ready to play. The curtains on the front can be hooked back with the use of the elastics on the curtain whilst inside the wardrobe features a hidden compartment which can be opened with the use of a key, shelves, and a draw with storage compartments. There is also a hanging rail but we don’t have any hangers for clothes at the moment so we are unable to fully test that feature. The top of the unit features a changing area with a fabric top and also a little musical sheep, the sheep is easy to operate by pressing its stomach which then plays a lullaby and glows. The sheep accessory requires 3xLR44 batteries of which are included.

Baby Annabell Baby Unit Wardrobe

Then we needed to add all our accessories to the wardrobe and put Baby George through the changer test. You may recall that we have the Baby Annabell Brother doll but sadly we have never been able to buy George any more boys clothes due to a lack of stock in toy stores or even online so Leah has resorted to buying girls clothes, referring to George as a girl but still keeping the name.

Baby George fits perfectly on top of the changer unit and with the added hook on the side of the unit Leah has found this to be a perfect place to store the bottle. Until we source some clothes hangers all the clothes are folded up on a shelf and the draw has been utilised for storing dummies and other small accessories.

Baby Annabell Baby Unit Wardrobe 1

Baby Annabell Baby Unit Wardrobe-4752-1

Designed for children aged 3+years I think is a perfect must have item for any young child to get stuck in with imaginary play with their Baby Annabell doll.

Goodnight Dummy

Next up with have the Goodnight Dummy, perfect for our baby George. This set consists of a dummy with a flashing top and also a little sheep musical attachment, perfect for your child to sooth their Baby Annabell back to sleep.

Goodnight Dummy-4761-1

When George is switched on he will actually know when the dummy is in his mouth and suckle on it. With your child pressing lightly onto the dummy it will glow and the sheep with play a musical tune. This accessory includes batteries of which uses 3xLR44 batteries.

Goodnight Dummy-4768-2

My only gripe with the range of accessories from Zapf Creation is the lack of Blue accessories to coincide with Baby Annabell Brother, which has made us resort to buying girls clothes for our boy doll. Leah doesn’t mind this very much but she is still intent on calling her doll George and he now wears primarily pink and has pink accessories. That said overall Leah has really enjoyed her new additions to her Baby Annabell collection and has really ignited her love for role play with her baby.

**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with a range of accessories from the Baby Annabell range to test and review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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