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Siblings – June 2016

We are back for another month of Siblings Project with Dear Beautiful and many other hosts. I really enjoy documenting the bond my children have with each other and also the mischief they can make together.

Each month I like staging shots of my kids where we have a certain theme and I also have my kids complete attention to also capture our Me & Mine photo of the month. This month I have been completely unorganised and I haven’t done either of them, bad Bex!

Thankfully though we’ve had a Half Term break, lots of outings and I’ve taken lots of photos of the kids. Most of the photos of the kids are separate as Leah is still having her phase of not wanting her photo with her brother or I’m not having a photo at all. But sometimes things have fallen nicely into place and I’ve actually managed to capture them both cooperating nicely together – WOOP!

So here’s what I have this month…

Siblings June 2016 2

Trentham Monkey Forest Saturday 28th May 2016 – Not the easiest of photo to capture of them both, Leah being her usual dramatic self had to be bribed with ice cream just for this photo. I then realised Lewis was wearing my sunglasses and Leah had ran off in favour of her reward #MummyFail!

Siblings June 2016 1
Siblings June 2016

Trentham Gardens Monday 30th May – I don’t see my family very often, and when we do we like to visit somewhere nice for a nice stroll and spend some quality time together. The kids were on their best behaviour today and got along lovely together… no photo bribes required (but there was a Cadwalladers on the way back to the car!)

Siblings June 2016 3

Oulton Park for the BTCC Championship Sunday 5th June – After 7 years away from motorsports this year I have been determined to play catch up and get back into the sport. My Dad and his brothers (and my cousin) are all marshals so we managed to bag some spare tickets and head out for the day. The weather was HOT but we made the most of the day. The kids were thrilled to stand on a podium.

Siblings June 2016 4

Newport (Shropshire) Carnival Saturday 11th June 2016 – The kids armed with their pennies for the collection boxes were eagerly sat at the kerbside outside hubby’s shop waiting for the procession to start.

Lewis’s birthday happened at the beginning of the week and I am now the mother of a 7 year old boy. He had a fantastic birthday, he opted for no party (no surprises there), he hates the attention. After school I have a couple of friends round with their kids for a play date and lots of unhealthy food, it was a fab evening. I wrote him his letter which I posted on my blog, I love being able to write down how my children are changing each year.

Lewis also has this really annoying front tooth issue going on at the moment. He’s in the process of loosing his baby teeth but this front tooth just doesn’t want to let go. His adult tooth is coming through behind and pushing the baby tooth to be at a complete wrong angle. Each morning it looks worse and worse. I’m hoping it drops out soon.

Leah just hasn’t changed this month, she is really looking forward to starting school in September and is often talking about starting school. Her swimming lessons have taken a bit of a tumble as she just hates putting her face in the water and has no confidence to swim unaided, not sure what the future holds with regards to her lessons. I don’t want to have to stop her lessons but i’m getting rather frustrated with her lack of motivation to practice and trust that no harm will come to her. I am starting to see the frustration in her instructor too who eagerly wants Leah to overcome her fears and see her swim. Leah loves the water… but just doesn’t like her head getting wet.

Has anyone else’s child over come a swimming fear, can you give me any hints/tips?

dear beautiful


  1. Steph Curtis

    19th June 2016 at 9:17 pm

    It took ages for our youngest to be happy with her head in the water, and honestly no amount of forcing it would have helped. She did it in her own time…. I think as long as she has mastered the basics of keeping afloat, you don;t need to push it – if she was ever to fall in anywhere, I’m sure instinct would send her back up to the surface. I know you wouldn’t want to test that, but I think as long as she’s not afraid of the water, you’ve done a good job for now and could afford to take a rest. It’ll happen as she gets a bit bigger! x

  2. Carie @ Space for the Butterflies

    16th June 2016 at 4:05 pm

    Aww they look like they’ve had a fun month – I love the shot of them up on the podium!

  3. Gemma

    15th June 2016 at 2:31 pm

    Hi. I came from #siblingsproject
    Lovely photos, your very good!
    I hate it when they get an adult tooth but the baby one is stuck, looks gross lol I remember telling my son to pull at his but he was scared of it bleeding.
    My daughter is 6 (soon to be 7) and has never liked getting her face wet. She can’t stand water in the eyes, even with goggles so im afraid i have no advice there.

    1. Rebecca Bodkin

      19th June 2016 at 10:08 am

      Thank you for your comment, I’m hoping Leah gets over her fear soon as it’s really hampering her progress. If you read this reply please could you leave me your blog address so I can return comment to your blog. Thank you x

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