Paladone Selfie Phone Clip : Review

Everyone loves a good selfie, well nearly everyone. Personally I’m never usually one for selfies, because I am close to the camera I find it highlights me too much and not my surroundings (and I can never take a decent enough photo of myself. I’ve never wanted to carry a selfie stick as I think they are bulky for carrying around and I feel silly when using one so I’ve kept away from selfies as much as humanly possible.

Until now…

With the help of Paladone they have offered for me to review a Selfie Phone Clip, helping me capture more of my surroundings, more of my friends/family and not just me. Sounds perfect.

Paladone Selfie Phone Clip

If you are after a better way to take selfies which doesn’t involve the use of a huge stick then look no further. Featuring a 0.4x Super Wide lens simply attach this small device over the lens on your smart phones camera. It comes with a cap which protects the lens from damage inbetween uses and a storage bag. You can also untwist the lens from the clip for cleaning purposes keeping your images crisp at all times.

Paladone Selfie Phone Clip 1

Below is a photo Lewis and I took together to show you how much more you can gain from your photo the left photo is a “before”, held as far away as possible from us and the right is at the same length with the Selfie Phone Clip attached.

Paladone Selfie Phone Clip 2

We have used our new lens a few times since we received it, and we do really enjoy it. Our only gripe about the lens is that is doesn’t have a massively firm grip of the phone so it has a tendency to slip which then causes the black ring with you can see in the lower left hand part of the photo below.
Paladone Selfie Clip 3

This is a minor problem which I am persevering with at the moment, I just need to get use to taking selfies and also get a better phone with a decent camera later in the year.

**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with a Selfie Phone Clip from Paladone to test and review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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