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Our Day At Geronimo Festival Tatton Park 29/05/2016

On Sunday the kids and I headed out early for an action packed day at Geronimo Festival, an ultimate festival designed for kids, full of adventure and amazement. Hosted at Tatton Park, Cheshire it was only a couple of minutes from the M6.

We arrived with time to spare before the opening time of 10am but we found the gates to already be open and we could take a walk around and soak up the atmosphere.

Geronimo Festival 2016

Walking around and it was fantastic to see the kids eyes just light up at the amazement of the whole event. I hadn’t really told them much prior to attending, and Leah barely remembers us attending last year but quickly enough the kids were eager to getting started and playing with everything on offer. From swinging hammocks, a giant helter skelter, bouncy castles and a carousel there was plenty to keep us busy.

Geronimo Festival 2016 1

Not forgetting there were numerous zones for us to have a look around, of which the kids particularly favoured the Fairground Zone (with carousel and helter skelter) and the Woodland Zone (where the kids to go try out making clay faces on tree trunks, den building and making whistling carrots). Lewis particularly enjoyed the Arena Zone and watching the Falconary Show on horseback and the dog show whilst Leah loved the Geronostage Zone where she got to see her favourite presenters from CBeebies live on stage, she is a massive fan of Andy Day and his adventures with Dinosaurs!

Geronimo Festival 2016 2

A kids festival isn’t complete without an 8ft T-Rex running about the place! 

We only have one gripe about the festival on Sunday, it was just way too busy, the queues were just horrific at times, completely unbearable for young children who have the patience of a gnat! For example we stood in only 3 queues of which we queued 40 minutes for the helter skelter, 25 minutes for a walking balloon dog and an hour and 20 minutes to visit the My Little Pony tour bus. After we had conqured these queues, the kids were totally fed up and it actually ruined our experience in a way.

But all that said (and if you kept away from the queues) it was a great day out, there is so much stuff kids can do (away from the queues) and the acts on the Geronostage means you can enjoy a rest on the grass whilst your kids have a good sing and dance.

So I shall round up this day out with a short video of what we got up to;

Please come back next year Geronimo!!

**This is not a sponsored post, we were invited to Geronimo Festival, Tatton Park to enjoy a fab day out and review. All words and opinions are my own. 


  1. jem

    6th June 2016 at 2:20 pm

    Hi! I was volunteering on the gate at Geronimo, think I walked you up to the press tent?

    Glad you had a fab day, I’m with you on the queues. All the volunteers gave feedback and queues were the number 1 thing!


    1. Rebecca Bodkin

      6th June 2016 at 3:38 pm

      Thank you for your comment Jemma, it was lovely to meet you. I am glad you agreed with me about the queues, as adults we can cope with the queues but keeping kids entertained in queues is really tricky. x

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