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Living With A Damaged Ankle – Day 1, 2 & 3

On Tuesday I suffered an accident, I experience pain which I have never known before… pain that I would swap for child birth any day. I damaged my ankle resulting in a fracture and damaged ligaments.

Let me take you back…

Tuesday morning, I woke like every morning, rushing around getting the kids ready for the school run and getting various jobs done in time for leaving the house. On this morning I even found myself 5 minutes to steal to have some toast whilst waiting for the washing machine to finish its rinse cycle.

Wish the washing machine finished I proceeded on emptying it and taking it out to dry so that I could make the most of the morning sunshine before the rain which was forecast for the afternoon arrived.

To get to my garden I have to step down 2 steps, these 2 steps I’d not make it to the bottom of in one piece. Upon taking the first step my left ankle gave way, twisting my foot inwards with excruciating pain… just 1 step. Just 1 step caused excruciating pain, bruising, damage internally and externally (my ego!). I landed badly but somehow managed to break my fall well without causing further damage to the rest of my body.

Managing to sit up again I recall the pain, the agony, struggling to breath through shock, waves of nausea and wishing I’d not bothered having breakfast.

Pulling myself together I knew I wouldn’t be able to move, I wouldn’t be able to get up and walk any time soon but it was 8.30 and I needed to get Lewis to school. I needed help.

I had to shout for help, try and get Lewis’s attention to get me some help. Using my mobile he was able to call for my neighbour.

I knew my ankle was in a bad way, I am usually one for picking myself up again and brushing myself off but in just those few minutes the pain was getting much worse, my foot was off the floor with my arms clutching my leg, I was shaking.

Knowing I had no way of getting to hospital to be checked over I had to get my neighbour to call me an ambulance, thankfully she also takes her children to the same school as mine so she agreed to take Lewis and hold onto Leah for her afternoon nursery session. I have amazing neighbours.

Within minutes the paramedics were with me, and I was being treated (and my foot prodded – OUCH!). To find the full extent of my injury I was told I’d need a trip to hospital for an xray. For this I’d need putting onto a stretcher and carting away, but without some pain relief moving was going to be difficult, so out came the Entinox… this stuff is magic! Gulping away on it like a woman possessed I had to have it taken off for me for fear of passing out, but I needed it and welcomed the relief the relaxation of it. Feeling very blurry, lightheaded and giggly I was helped up and managed to hop up the 2 steps and onto a stretcher. I was making my way to hospital.

At this point everything is a real blur, I remember the kids hiding in doors and saying goodbye to them. Lewis I could tell was anxious but fighting hard with his emotions where as Leah was balling her eyes out and clinging to my neighbours daughter. With my neighbour taking care of them they would be fine, Lewis would be in the safety of his class room shortly keeping my mind active on his learning. Leah was then invited to my other neighbours to play with her daughter who is Leah’s age, that was enough to keep Leah entertained for the morning. With them cared for I could relax a bit more.

Before setting off to hospital I was given IV Paracetamol (I refused morphine as much as I knew my body needed it, I didn’t need to be sick) so with the Entinox, Paracetamol and some ibuprofen I just breathed through the pain and got on the with show.

Ankle Injury

Sorry for the blurry phone photo.

Sadly from here things slowed down, the hospital kept me waiting alone in a bay for what felt like forever and with no phone signal I just had my headphones and music on my phone for company. But an xray and 2 hours later it was confirmed I did have a “break” in my foot and I’d need some form of cast/support for my foot to help with healing. The fracture clinic would make the final decision on what was my best course of action.

Soon I was whisked off the fracture clinic to be booted, thankfully they were lenient with me and offered to put me in a walking boot where I could at least maintain some level of dignity YEY! Not being told how bad my “break” was I was told to return the next day to fracture clinic to discuss results and a more thorough treatment plan. So with my sexy new boot (now named Booty McBootface) and crutches I headed off home.

Ankle Injury 2

As you can tell I was VERY pleased.

Ankle Injury 1

But the kids were pleased to have me back home.


Wednesday morning arrived and after leaving Leah at school for her Reception class intake I headed back off to hospital for the fracture clinic. After a lengthy wait I was told that my “break” wasn’t actually a “break” but instead a fracture and ligament damage. I was then told recovery should take 2-3 weeks and I should be out of the boot and fighting fit again. This has come as a major relief for me as in 4 weeks we go away on a weeks holiday and the last thing I need is this injury holding me back. Although I do believe ligament damage can take some time to heal so I may not be 100% by the holiday I am sure I will be a lot better than I am now. I have been able to weight bare slightly more in the boot but I am finding it incredibly uncomfortable walking because of the higher heel on it, the muscles on the right leg are aching so much and my arms and shoulders ache from relying on crutches.

Ankle Injury 4

Leah’s enjoying trying out my crutches


After using crutches for the past 48 hours I have woken to my whole body being in utter agony, they absolutely hurt. My arm muscles are shot, my hands are bruised and my right leg aches for compensating for the lack of use in the left leg. But today I have made some progress, I can use my walking boot for actually walking short distances and wearing a trainer on my right foot evens out the heel for the walking boot… I can walk straight again! I hope with this minor epiphany my muscles can make some sort of recovery and my damaged foot can also feel a little more comfortable in the boot walking evenly again. Today I have also been able to get back to my desk, hurrah!!

Damaged Ankle

The first day of living with this damage I spent most of the day in shock, thankfully hubby was at home in the afternoon for a while so that he could prep the kids dinners and set us up for the evening as he had to return to work. I was able to relax on the sofa whilst finding a comfortable way to relax with a throbbing foot. Day 2 and 3 I am sort of flying solo again, the house has returned to normal and I am cooking and cleaning (within reason). I can’t do all jobs but basic jobs such as the laundry, hoovering, loading dishwasher and cooking meals I am able to do although slowly.

As yet I am yet to return to the garden to hang washing out….

Have you every suffered a bone break, damaged ankle or similar, what would be your tips for coping with life in a cast/support?

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    30th June 2016 at 9:32 pm

    I broke mine whilst on holiday in majorca then fell on it again and impacted it
    Had to stay on hospital in resort go 3 days because of the break
    They gave me really strong pain killers and it’s a bit foggy
    Was on agony for weeks but I didn’t rest and keep it up as I should
    My advice is sit back and give orders / instructions to others and it’ll make the pain much more bearable
    Ps do tale all the painkillers and anti inflammatory drugs you can -really does make a difference
    Good luck xxxxxx

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