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Lewis : Now That You Are 7


I can hardly believe this day has arrived, 7  years ago at 17.17 you arrived into our lives, 7 years ago you made me a Mummy. These past years you have shown me an outstanding amount of love every single day and your growing into such a stunning and caring young man.

I haven’t done a birthday update for you in 2 years, I’m not sure what happened to last years update, I presume we were just crazily busy with your Birthday it just slipped my mind. This year I wanted to mark your birthday as I now feel you have left behind your Young Child years and entering your Older Child years. Years where you are not seen as being clumsy, not seen as too young to understand but now making your way through this world, this scary scary world.

You know a lot about the world around us, I mostly have Newsround to thank for this as your just LOVE that program at the moment. You know whats going on in the Euro 2016 football tournament, you know quite a lot about the worlds current affairs (good and bad) and your know so so much about what Tim Peake is up to on the Internal Space Station. You are eager to watch Tim come back down to earth next weekend just like you were eager to see him take off back in December.

This past 2 years you have changed so much, you really have. You’ve grown from little boy to child, not only in the way you act, the way you interact but also your wardrobe… my gosh Lewis, please could you stop growing. My bank balance has taken such a knock these past 2 years, from you being in 5-6 clothes only 2 years ago I am now buying 8-9/9-10 clothing and your feet, you’ve gone up 4 (yes, 4!!!) shoe sizes in 12 months!

You absolutely LOVE Lego and Minecraft, and mixing the two to Minecraft Lego is your version of heaven! If you are are not surrounded with millions of tiny bricks building away you are building with blocks on Minecraft. I adore watching your imagination into building new structures and buildings you are becoming such a creator.

During the summer holidays last year you learn’t to ride your BMX bike, you have done really well with it and enjoyed various trips to our local international BMX track and mini BMX track up the road. You much preferred the mini track to the larger track as your confidence is building and I am hoping to see a change in that as you grow up.

Unlike 2 years ago you aren’t particularly keen on school, I think now you are having to focus harder on your work rather than play you dislike it somewhat although I do like your school a lot and your teachers are very supportive. Especially this year you really have come on leaps and bounds since September and honestly feel you wouldn’t have a problem reading this blog post! You enjoy reading, and you are delighted to have achieved target level for Year 2 and your ability to recite your times tables and work math equations in your head astounds me. Today you were looking forward to going to school as you are having a Rio themed day so you can wear bright clothing, although you are not looking forward to having everyone know its your Birthday, you are still not one for being lavished in attention but I know you will enjoy handing out sweets to your class friends at the end of the school day.

As a family we celebrated your Birthday a day early, letting you have your Birthday presents, Birthday tea and cake on the 12th June as it was a Sunday this meant we got spend time as a family and you got to make the most of your gifts from us. You got a new mountain bike which you were delighted with, you like your BMX bike but it’s not as easy to ride as your new bike and given it has 21 gears you love working out how they work.

Lewis is 7

You look forward to going to the Post Office this morning before school as you are eager to find out what Uncle Kip got you for your birthday, we missed a delivery on Saturday and I am now hoping it is that parcel we missed. You also look forward to seeing Nanny and Uncle Chris whilst having friends round after school for a birthday tea after school. Still not one for attention we are having a small party after school.

This year I look forward to what comes your way, this year where you really do grow your own independence and show interests in the your future life. I know this year will be fueled massively with Lego, playing outdoors (mostly on your new bike) and Minecraft but I am happy with it all, its all creation and fun.

Thank you Lewis for being being such a caring big brother and a good boy for Mummy and Daddy. Happy Birthday baby boy.

Love You Always.





  1. Kim Carberry

    13th June 2016 at 10:37 am

    Aww! How lovely!
    Happy birthday to your boy! I hope he has a fantastic day x

  2. Em

    13th June 2016 at 8:16 am

    Happy birthday Lewis,

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