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LeapFrog LeapBand : Review

We are back again with another fab review for LeapFrog, this time we are reviewing a toy designed at keeping kids active whilst also learning the about key skills of looking after a pet. Introducing the Leap Band the first fun activity tracker for young children to encourage healthy habits, through the help of physical activities, making healthy food choices and also self care.


Contents of this set include LeapBand watch, charging cable, quick set up guide and instructions. The LeapBand is available in 4 different colours, blue (which we received for our review), pink, green and orange.


Upon starting up the device for the first time you are taken through a set up process where you can choose your pet (there are 8 to choose from), choose their colour and give them a name.

Then using the watches keypad your child can scroll through the menu, this menu is designed so your child can learn about care for their pet;

Joules; here you can find out how many joules your child has earn’t through activity. The more joules your child earns the more rewards get unlocked.

Pet Play Area; your child’s pet will be given a toy to play with which your child will have earn’t through active play and earning rewards.

Pet Parlour; your child can clean their pet to keep them happy and healthy.

Pet Boogie; In a set amount of time your child has to follow the rhythm of the lights shown on the display by pressing the matching buttons on the keypad.

Pet Chef; Using the keypad you move your pets food bowl left to right to collect the falling food. Upon completion of the level your child’s LepaBand will explain the importance of eating a particular band of food.

Pet Icon Screen; this is the paw screen, here you can find out when you are ready to unlock a new pet. There are 7 to collect and play with.

Battery Meter; You can keep track on your child’s LeapBand to find out when it needs recharging. (We have been testing this product over a couple of days now and the battery meter hasn’t gone down much yet).

Stopwatch; Your child can be inventive and set their own challenges over a set 30 second period.


Above are the most levels of care your child can give their pet, there is now an option to enjoy active challenges. Simply by pressing the “Activity Challenge Button” (the top left person button) your child will be timed over a 10 second period completing a certain fun and active challenge. Challenges include move like a  wiggle like a worm until you giggle, jump like a kangaroo, walk like a penguin, give yourself a hug and more. These challenges are pre set on your child’s LeapBand and there are 14 in total. You than have the option to expand your child’s challenges by connecting the watch to LeapFrog Connect (via PC). Using the Parent Settings in LeapFrog Connect you can manually choose which extra challenges you think your child would like, of which there are 50 in total additional info. Extra challenges include, walk like a robot, move like a train, pretend to row a boat, jump like a lion and roar and many many more.




Jump like a kangaroo…


Leap like a frog…

There is a timeout feature on the watch which is automatically set to approximately 10 seconds. After 10 seconds the LeapBand will enter “Move Mode”, here your childs watch is still tracking movement but the screen and sound are not active. This helps prevent battery wastage but as it is also tracking movement your child can still earn rewards.

Lastly there is also “Quiet Time” designed so that your child could still wear their watch to school if they wanted and also prevents your child from playing at bedtimes. In Quiet Time there is no gameplay, no sound, no animation. If your child woke the device up in quiet time they would be greeted by a clock face and nothing else until later in the day. Quiet time can be set using the Parent Console on your LeapFrog Connect software and it can be overridden manually on the device.

The LeapFrog LeapBand is designed for children aged 4-7 years, has an RRP of £29.99 and Leah LOVES hers!

During out time with our LeapBand I have created an introduction video and a short clip with Leah using it in the garden.



**This is not a sponsored post we were provided with a LeapFrog LeapBand to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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