Our Half Term Week – June 2016

The kids are now back at school and nursery, for 3 hours a day I have peace and quite… I miss them both, we had a fantastic half term break. We got up to lots, and also enjoyed some quiet times.

Heres a round up of what we got up to;

Saturday 28th May (Day 1)

We met up with friends at Trentham Monkey Forest, the kids loved their visit and enjoyed seeing all the resitdent Barbary Macaques. With 140 monkeys roaming freely living in a stunning 60 acre woodland you follow the 3/4 mile pathway and experience the monkeys up close. This time of year also brings new arrivals, the gorgeous newborn babies. Of which we were very fortunate to get a glimpse of their newest arrival born that morning.

Monkey Forest 1

Monkey Forest

Sunday 29th May (Day 2)

Today was Geronimo Festival Day, Sam was away on a weekend Stag Do so it was the myself, the kids and a HUGE outdoor festival for kids! Held at Tatton Park, the whole day was centered around children, some of their favourite presenters from CBeebies and lots of activities in between.

Geronimo 2016

Geronimo 2016 3

Monday 30th May (Day 3)

Bank Holiday Monday, it was lovely family day. My family don’t live local to me so when we meet up we like going to new places, or places where we don’t get to often enough. Recently we have been enjoying the sights of Trentham Gardens. It really is such a stunning place and you could easily spend a whole day here, walking the 1 mile long lake, fairy spotting, walking the gardens, admiring flowers, taking in the sights of the Trentham Estate, eating ice cream, playing on the playground and much more. Outside of the gardens there a range of shops of which you can wander around and also a couple of cafes of which we stopped at Cadwalladers for ice cream.

Trentham Garden Fairies 5

I took many many photos on this visit of which I intend to blog about soon. 

Tuesday 31st May (Day 4)

Late on the Monday afternoon Leah’s best friend came to visit for 24 hours for a sleepover and a day of fun on the Tuesday. Sadly my kids were utterly exhausted from a wild weekend we kept the day rather calm, opting for a trip to Town Park in the morning, an afternoon in the garden and then swimming lessons later on in the day. All kids had a brilliant day and it was lovely having Leah’s friend over for the day, I hope to make it a regular thing.

DSC_0033 1

DSC_0047 1

Wednesday 1st June (Day 5)

Today was a day full of appointments, a massive anti climax from our past 4 days of craziness. But it was a break we all needed and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the day in the garden helping Hubby with a lot of outstanding garden maintenance. Earlier in the week Lewis had found some money, on a path, in the middle of no where and with no one near by to give it back. There was only one thing for it, finders keepers. For 3 days it burnt an absolutely hole in his pocket, he knew exactly what he wanted to buy with him pennies so a trip to our local toy store later he bought himself some new additions for his Nerf Modulus gun.

DSC_0054 1

Thursday 2nd June (Day 6)

The kids woke up early this morning demanding a trip to the cinema, who was I to oblige?! We were there for 10am (movies for juniors are a lifesaver for early morning risers and my bank balance!), and had a blast watching Alvin and The Chipmunks The Road Chip. Since the film the kids have watched non stop clips on YouTube of the chipmunks singing Uptown Funk – Help me!

Friday 3rd June (Day 7)

A home day… a lovely relaxing day at home, doing nothing, well nearly nothing… it did result in Lewis being in his PJ’s or in the hot tub all day. He refused to get dressed haha. I on the other hand decided to attack my mountain of ironing whilst making the most of the sunshine.

DSC_0059 1

Saturday 4th June (Day 8)

Sam had the full weekend off, so again we made use of him being about doing jobs around the house (after getting out of bed late), an afternoon at the swimming baths and prepping a picnic for the next day.

Sunday 5th June (Day 9)

In recent years (since having children) my passion for motor sports has taken a slight step back, but recently Lewis has taken a shine to motor racing, enjoying watching the F1 and his idol Lewis Hamilton (I promise my son isn’t named after him, that’s another story haha!). Today we headed out to Oulton Park for the British Touring Car Championship, using my dads spare passes we had a cheap and fab day out. 3pm though the heat in the end put a stop to our fun as we couldn’t find any acceptable shade to watch the racing as the place was absolutely rammed and the kids were absolutely demonized with the heat so we headed home, stopping at a supermarket to collect BBQ goodies for tea.

Touring Cars 1

My dad managed to smuggle me into pitroad walk about for some photos with the drivers – Here’s Kelvin Fletcher (aka Andy Sugden from Emmerdale!). Really just wanted to squeeze his arm muscles but I didn’t want to get into trouble haha. 

Touring Cars

Monday 6th June (Day 10)

Lewis’s school didn’t return today, it was inset day so instead we tried to make the most of our town being quiet and once again headed to our local swimming baths where it was a lot quieter than our last visit on Saturday. The rest of the day was spent at Nanny’s house and back at home.

All in all we had a fantastic half term, lots of fun, adventures and making time to relax.

What did you get up to during the school half term?

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