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Exciting Minecraft News from Digital Kids Show

We are very much looking forward to this years Digital Kids Show. We’ve never been to a show like this before and now that my kids are both of an age where they are enjoying gaming it seems a perfect time to go.

Both Lewis and Leah love Minecraft, Lewis particularly plays and Leah watches him. They both LOVE watching their favourite YouTube stars so you now now imagine their excitement with this latest news and superstar lineup coming to Digital Kids Show this October!

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Minecraft Fans Assemble  Superstar YouTubers LDShadowLady,  AshDubh, SmallishBeans Amy Lee33

and Tomohawk are coming to the Digital Kids Show in October!

You could be forgiven for not knowing their names, or walking past them in the street but you can guarantee your children wouldn’t be quite so forgiving if you missed them.

They’re AshDubh, LDShadowLady, Amy Lee, Tomohawk and SmallishBeans – five YouTube superstars who have amassed over a stupendously huge One Billion views and with over 5 million subscribers between them on YouTube, Vlogging about Minecraft. That’s nearly as many views received over all 10 series of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent! Now these Minecraft megastars are taking centre stage at the Digital Kids Show at EventCity on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October.

LDShadowLady aka Lizzie is a 23 year-old Minecraft superstar, with over 2 Million subscribers her channel has clocked up over 637M views. She’s best known for her Minecraft single-player series, Shadowcraft, and her quirky sense of humour.

Amy Lee 33 has one of the biggest female Minecraft YouTube channels in the UK with over 900K subscribers and 225M views. It’s easy to classify Amy Lee as a gamer, in fact, she is one of a new generation of storytellers who found the versatile platform of Minecraft to tell her stories in. To her devoted following of young girls, aged 4 to 12, she is a source of inspiration and entertainment. Amy’s fans, or “cute recruits” tune in regularly to keep up with the ongoing series she creates in the world of Minecraft such as “Amy’s Land of Love” and “Pony Paradise”. They feature a cast of sweet and sometimes naughty animals and creatures and always promote her central message of practicing love and kindness. Amy Lee’s fans listen when she asks them to protect all living creatures and trees. Every day kids around the world submit photos of themselves hugging trees and saving small creatures. Her channel is growing in popularity. Amy will be signing copies of her new book at the show for her fans.

Joel aka SmallishBeans has the third largest subscriber base on the line-up with 796K subscribers on his channel and close to 140M views, Joel Vlogs about his favourite games, he also does other fun videos on all kinds of topics like how to be a famous YouTuber to Buddy his cat.

AshDubh also known as FearADubh is one of the biggest up and coming names in the YouTube world, friends with iBallisticSquid, Ashdubh creates regular fun gaming videos covering MineCraft, GTA and more. AshDubh has over 650K subscribers and amassed a whopping 174M views.

Tomohawk is brother to iBallisticSquid, Tomohawk’s channel is relatively new to YouTube joining in 2014 but he’s already clocked up 125K subscribers and 16M views. His videos regularly feature guest appearances from his YouTube super-star brother and Ashbubh and he covers all kinds of content from Minecraft to board games and more.

Aisha Tilstone, Digital Kids Show founder said: “We’re delighted to add this stellar line-up to the Digital Kids Show, these Vloggers are superstars amongst today’s children who spend hours watching their gaming Vlogs to pick up hints and tips.

“Children will be desperate to have the chance to see their favourite YouTubers and learn all about what they do to create a successful YouTube channel. It also provides parents the opportunity to understand what makes these superstars so popular and highlights the opportunities which YouTube and being a Digital Kid can provide for the next generation.”

The two-day event is the first of its kind bringing to life the exciting digital world in a fun and friendly format for children and parents.  Other stars signed up for the show include, children’s TV comedy duo Dick and Dom and Mr Bloom with more to be announced.

The show features six interactive zones including the amazing Retro Tech & Gaming zone where families can get hands-on with retro classics like PacMan and Sonic the Hedgehog as well as the latest releases and Virtual Reality games.

The Digital, STEM & Coding Skills Zone is for any aspiring Mark Zuckerbergs out there. Families can get hands on with cutting edge toys that are a break from the norm, think robots and electronic lego. This innovative zone will help to inspire children about the vast array of digital opportunities with fun, practical challenges and experiences, whilst opening their mind to the benefits of learning to code and one day developing the next Minecraft!

The Safe Tech Zone is all about helping to keep children safe online and will provide the very latest advice to stay one step ahead of the dangers and risks of being online, from cyber bulling to predators, hackers to viruses this zone is all about keeping your children, your tech and you safe online.

The Children’s Media Zone, highlights that kids want more than just TV, they want to immerse themselves in YouTube and apps that deliver their favourite content on demand. Come and say hi to your favourite on screen idols and see what they can offer you online.

As well as loads of digital fun, they’ll be lots of other fun on offer too with rides, a total wipe-out zone, scooter disco, digi disco, zip wires, soft play, a live entertainment show and performances on the main stage, a driving zone for 11-17 year olds to get behind the wheel and plenty to see and do including Minecraft Halloween fun on Sunday 30th October welcoming in kids in their best Minecraft costumes or fancy dress.

Aisha Tilstone, a mum of two Digital Kids herself, continues: “The Show will bring the digital world into a fun and engaging format for families to enjoy. There is so much to enjoy and explore online and this event is about celebrating that in a family friendly format. It won’t just be the children who are set to learn, mum and dad will get lots from attending because the whole family can spend a full day at the show and enjoy each and every feature.”

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