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A Bank Holiday at Trentham Gardens

Having my family live 100 miles away is always difficult, I miss seeing them often, I miss being able to just “call round” when I feel like it. When we see each other its pre arranged, usually a couple of weeks in advance. Majority of the time my parents travel to my house of which we visit Ironbridge or neighbouring town Shrewsbury for an afternoon wander, or very rarely we go back to Lancashire and go for an afternoon visit to Astley Park. Sometimes, especially in the warmth of the summer months we meet half way and a new location we discovered last summer was Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire.

Trentham Gardens are a perfect half way meeting point for all of us to meet and at the most recent bank holiday with the weather being in our favour we arranged to meet their for a picnic and a walk.

This proved to be a perfect opportunity to take my camera on our outing, especially as we were walking around the lake, spotting fairies and taking in the sights on offer. Here’s a range of photos from our day;


Trentham Gardens features 14 sculpted fairies, hand crafted by Robin Wight at Fantasy Wire based locally.

Trentham Garden Fairies 1Trentham Garden Fairies 2Trentham Garden Fairies 3 Trentham Garden Fairies 4 Trentham Garden Fairies 5 Trentham Garden Fairies 7 Trentham Garden Fairies 8 Trentham Garden Fairies 9 Trentham Garden FairiesTrentham Garden Fairies 10

Due to the walk being so long finding these fairies we ran out of time to find the remaining 4, we do fully intend to return in the next few months to find the rest.

New for 2016 there is a new fairy, named Anahi.

Trentham Garden Fairies 6

The Wildlife

Naturally with any gardens that are home to water you will find wildlife, fortunately for Trentham Gardens there is a very large lake which also has its own central island perfect for birds to live, in peace and safe from predators.

Trentham Garden

And you can’t beat some cute newborn wildlife…

Trentham Garden 1 Trentham Garden 2 Trentham Garden 3 Trentham Garden 4 Trentham Garden 5 Trentham Garden 6 Trentham Garden 7 Trentham Garden 8


There really is just so so much to see if you visit Trentham Gardens,a great place to spend a day out walking and adventuring.


Trentham Garden 9 Trentham Garden 10 Trentham Garden 11 Trentham Garden 12 Trentham Garden 13 Trentham Garden 14 Trentham Garden 15 Trentham Garden 16 Trentham Garden 17 Trentham Garden 18 Trentham Garden 19 Trentham Garden 20 Trentham Garden 21


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