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National Sea Life Centre Birmingham Mister Maker Event & New Underwater Tunnel

At the weekend the kids and I took an early morning trip to National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham. We are delighted to be part of Sea Life’s Ambassador Panel for 2016 and we are looking forward to another year of adventures with them.

There has been a lot going on at National Sea Life Centres since our last visit in February so I’m going to make this a pretty lengthy review as I want to share with you all that I have found.

The Event

Our first visit to Sea Life Centre for this Ambassador year brought us a fantastic event with Mister Maker, still enjoying all the sights and sounds which kids have grown to love they were instructed to keep look out for various boxes around the location full of arty goodies for the kids to collect to make their own bottle top crab at home.

Sea Life Mister Maker

There is also a craft station at the end of your visit to Sea Life Centre, here you can sit at craft tables and following Mister Makers video instructions you children can make one of 4 different sea creatures. The kids decided to make sharks of which they were very proud of their efforts.

Sea Life Mister Maker 1

This pretty much covers it for the Mister Maker Event, a fab event of which the kids really enjoyed as they do enjoy being able to get creative.

Mister Maker Event will be on from the 14th May to the 12th July 2016.

The Changes

As for the rest of our visit, its not hard to miss the changes which have happened since our last visit in February. First of all there is now a “Behind The Scenes Tour” of which we hope to be able to see on a visit near in the future.

Sea Life Mister Maker 2

Next up, there’s been some changes to the lead up of the under water tunnel. First up at the bottom of the escalator its been revamped and rejuvenated and there is a new under water tunnel which also reopened to the public this weekend. Its all new and shiny, the glass is unscratched and makes the whole are look vibrant and refreshed. Also gone are the hand rails thus allowing for more space within the tunnel and quite possibly less crowding. Massive thumbs up from us!

Sea Life Mister Maker 4

Sea Life Mister Maker 3

The Creatures to see

Its no secret I love my photography, and going to National Sea Life Centres really does push my skills to their limit. I am not allowed to use flash so I have to rely on the light which the location provides which isn’t bright otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see the creatures. Here are the best photos from our days visit.

First up the Gentoo Penguins and also the new additions to the colony which arrived in March. They are settling in nicely.

Sea Life Mister Maker 5

There’s been some changes to the jelly fish line up too., new additions, switching tanks around. I couldn’t resist having a good ol’ snap away here.

Sea Life Mister Maker 6

If you are looking for entertainment for the kids over the coming weeks or half term be sure to head over to National Sea Life Centres Birmingham, with ticket prices starting from £12.50 (online only) and under 3’s enter for free its a great day out!

Sea Life blogger ambassador 2016

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