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The Munch Bunch Squashums Family Is Growing

Having a fussy eating child in the house can be a nightmare at times, I find it particularly difficult to get the right foods into her and with her not liking to drink milk I have to resort to yogurts to keeping her calcium levels up. Finding yogurts which Leah enjoys can then be a challenge in itself, she only enjoys smooth yogurts which aren’t too brightly coloured and only in small cartons.

About 6 months ago a friend of mine offered Leah a yogurt in a “squeezy tube”, she reluctantly tried it as it was something new but soon discovered she actually really liked it and within minutes the tube was completely empty and she was demanding more! WOW!

Since then we have regularly bought her her “squeezy yogurts” and these have now been fully accepted into her list of acceptable foods.

With the help of Munch Bunch Leah has been enjoying the much larger Huge Tubes from Munch Bunch.  Please read the below Press Release to find out more!




Squashums range expands with launch of Huge Tubes for older kids

Munch Bunch, the makers of chilled dairy products for children, is delighted to announce Huge Tubes as the latest addition to its Squashums range, offering bigger tubes of fromage frais for grown up kids.

Offering 50 per cent more fromage frais than the existing fromage frais tubes on the market, Huge Tubes, which are made from all natural ingredients and contain fruit puree, have been launched in response to parental feedback that older children in particular often find the standard 40g tubes of fromage frais too small.

Available in two great-tasting fruit flavours – strawberry and raspberry – Huge Tubes passed the taste test from Munch Bunch’s panel of young testers before making it onto the supermarket shelves, so mums and dads can rest assured their kids will enjoy the two satisfying flavours.

What’s more, Huge Tubes feature a transparent tube with twofold benefits: kids can see how much fromage frais remains in the tube so they can enjoy every last yummy mouthful, whilst mums and dads no longer need to worry about leftover fromage frais leaking all over their youngster’s lunchbox.

Featuring the same cast of fruit heroes as the remainder of the Squashums range, Huge Tubes are available in the chilled dairy aisles of Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and online at Ocado, priced at RRP £1.99 per 6 x 60g multipack.

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