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Mr Frosty : Review

As a mother I love looking back over toys and games which I played with as a child. I remember growing up wanting the latest toys, asking repeatedly for them for Christmas and Birthdays but sadly I never always got what I wanted, a Mr Frosty was one of those toys. Fast forward time 25 years and I now have one of my dream toys!! YIPPEE!!!!!

Mr Frosty

Contents of this kit include;

  • 1 x Mr Frosty Machine
  • 1 x Ice Lolly Moulds (makes 3 lollies)
  • 3 x Ice Lolly Sticks
  • 2 x Mr Frosty Fruit Ice Trays
  • 1 x Penguin Juice Pourer
  • 2 x Bowls
  • 3 x Mr Frosty Spoons

This new revamped product makes grating ice much easier for children, but not only that its safer too. Your child can no longer access the grater whilst grating down the ice as the grater will be located below the blue hat and above the blue draw whilst collects the grated ice. The back of the product still features the turning handle, which is perfect for children to grate their own ice.

Mr Frosty 1

First of all Leah got to work making her Mr Frosty Ice in the trays, of which we left overnight to set before trying out the full capabilities of the Mr Frosty the next evening after school.

The instructions recommend to leave ice out of the freezer for around 30 minutes before using the product, this makes for easier crushing especially for the littlest of hands. We tried out the product using ice which had been left for the recommended 30 minutes before trying out more ice which came out of the freezer and I can certainly agree that the ice which had been out of the freezer was easier to crush and the most enjoyable to eat as the ice was softer.

To crush the ice the kids put 3 blocks of ice in at a time, before replacing the blue hat and turning the handle. They were soon provided with a significant amount of ice to begin their treats.

Mr Frosty 2

After crushing their ice the kids got to top their crushed ice with their favourite flavoured topping using the Penguin Juice Pourer. Originally Mr Frosty came with syrups which were unhealthy and packed with sugar. Now kids can use cordials, which are widely available as sugar free or if your child prefers fresh fruit juice (I really do recommend trying pineapple!!). This makes your child’s Mr Frosty adventures a lot more healthier, better for teeth and you don’t have to watch for over consumption of syrups.

Mr Frosty 3

Mr Frosty 4

Both Lewis and Leah adore their new Mr Frosty, and so do I! We have already used to countless evenings after school, I have to have the ice on defrost before I head out on the school run as I know the minute they get in the door they will be getting this set out.

Recommended for children aged 3years+ and with an RRP of £19.99 I can quickly see this becoming a product every child wants just like in the 80s/early 90s!

**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with a Mr Frosty to test and review. All words and opinions are my own. 

5200 Mr Frosty Output

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