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What I learnt at BlogCamp 2016

On Saturday I went to yet another blogging conference, this time a little closer to home in the centre of Birmingham with Tots100, BlogCamp 2016.

I pushed a couple of my comfort zones during the day, speaking to new faces being one of the main zones but also selfies. Not one usually for having a selfie at all I am trying to push this zone to a new max for me, so I had to have a couple of photos taken with blogging pals such at Sharon from TeenTweenToddler (top left), Emma from Life According To Mrs Shilts (Top right) and Beth from Twinderelmo (Bottom right).

Blog Camp Selfies

BlogCamp is a fun filled, informative day where you brain literally has to act like a sponge to take in so much information. But with the help of presentations from many lovely bloggers, my camera (for taking shots of presentations) and my pen and paper I have written down so much I want to improve with my blog and my photography.

The conference took place at the same location as to previous years at The Studio, on Cannon Street Birmingham and was this year sponsored by Wood Window Alliance (Thank You!). During the day there was many informative sessions, too many to actually sink my teeth into but I got to focus on various aspects of my blog from time management to capturing headshots and learning the basics in Lightroom.

Below is a short list of the best tips I picked up during the day;

Lightroom Session – With Clare Mansell from Maybush Studio

  • Use Keywords on Lightroom, this allows for easier searching of the photograph I want. I have hundreds of folders on my PC, all containing various photos but to remember exactly when I shot a specific means I have to trawl through so many folders to find the photo I am looking for. Tagging Keywords to my photos means I can search easier as I can tag all photos from adventures.

Monetization – With Emma Drew from From Aldi To Harrods

  • I’d like to finally start making a bit of an income from my blog, as yet I don’t really any money (from the once in a blue-moon sponsored post) but now I would like my hard work to start paying a bit more. One way I can make this happen is by adding Skimlinks to my site, this in turn converts all my links on my blog to affiliate links (wherever possible). With a payment threshold of £7 it seems a good place to start to bring is a bit of money, if only a little bit to begin.

Time Saving Tips For Busy Bloggers with Aby Moore from You Baby Me Money and Mel Knibb from Le Coin De Mel

  • Use Buffergram for scheduling to Instagram, I’d never come across this program before. Sadly it’s not available for use on my phone but I am now happily scheduling Instagram posts from my desktop. This is will certainly be very popular for sharing blog posts and recent photography shots which have been editing on my PC.
  • Use IFTTT to set up recipes for sharing Instagram posts to my twitter account with the picture attached within the tweet rather than just a link.

    My first attempt at using BOTH Buffergram and IFTTT – Success! 

Talking Headshots – With Tom Arber

  • To all people that attended this session will probably remember one main thing from this session (no I’m not talking the naked man in the background of the life art group). I’m talking about how to make your arms look thinner in a headshot photo. By simply standing like you are carrying a tray in each hand out at the side of you will make a huge difference to your arm appearance in a headshot. Fact!

Writing Workshop – with Kirstie Pelling from Poet In Motion

  • There was only one category really to this group, and it was actually quite effective and really creative. It was mainly about selling a scene, a scene to get people to click your link (mainly within facebook). Using senses to attract your readers, such as touch, sound, colour, smell, physical space, sight, focus and action.

During the session we were challenged to write a paragraph to “sell” a post through one of the senses above, I chose colour. I wrote this to link to a recent post; “Photographing A Wedding” – I didn’t choose to read it out to the group but I actually wish I had now…

“Weddings, a day all about colour, all about a couple sharing their love for each other with their family and friends. A bride in white, flowers that are red walking down the aisle graciously to meet her waiting groom in beige. In a neutral room Bride & Groom declare their love, say their vows before the exchanging of rings of gold. Before being announced as Man & Wife.”

What do you think?

I really did pick up A LOT of hints and tips on Saturday, I really could talk about them all day but I have probably bored you enough now.

Did you go to BlogCamp on Saturday? What tip really stuck with you that you picked up from the day that you would like to share?


  1. Sally

    5th June 2016 at 9:28 pm

    Thanks for coming along again Bex, sorry we didn’t get chance to chat, but glad you had fun!

    1. Rebecca Bodkin

      6th June 2016 at 10:35 am

      It was a very busy day hun, more so for you than me I suppose. I’ll catch up with you next time I see you – Thanks again x

  2. Stephanie Robinson

    26th May 2016 at 9:41 am

    Argh, I recognised your face Saturday but couldn’t place you and then didn’t find the chance to stop by and say hello – so belatedly doing that now, hello! It was a fab day isn’t it and loving the tray tip.

  3. Sharon (@TeenTweenToddle)

    24th May 2016 at 5:30 pm

    It was great to see you and catch up 🙂

  4. Tracey Bowden

    23rd May 2016 at 9:26 pm

    It sounds like this was great for you with some really helpful tips. One day I will make it to one x

  5. Rachel Bustin

    23rd May 2016 at 9:25 pm

    Some really interesting tips there. Especially the one on writing with the senses. I really need to work on my writing so this really helps.

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