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JD Williams Summer Clothing : Review

Summer is here!!!!

Well it was… now its cloudy and cold again but I am hopeful the sun will return again very soon.

With my hopes of summer coming back very soon JD Williams are helping me get into the swing of summer by providing me with a new outfit perfect for the heat that summer provides.

I was given a choice of outfits to choose from of which I immediately went straight to the maxi dresses, I really don’t like my legs much so when it comes to dresses the longer the skirt the better and I wanted a lovely lightweight summery outfit for keeping cool during the heat of summer.

I instantly took a shine to this Layer Top Print Maxi Dress in the Holiday Dresses section priced at £29.00, in size 14. Made from lightweight cotton material this dress is a great choice for keeping cool and with the added layer top it is very flattering. I really like the blue detailing in the design.

JD Williams Summer Clothing 3

The shoes I chose are the Cushion Walk Wedge Sandals priced at £30.00, I’m not usually one for wearing heels so these were a bit of a gamble for me and a gamble well paid off. These shoes are incredibly light weight and fit my feet perfectly.

I also have semi wide feet, so a standard fit usually restricts my foot terribly so when I saw these shoes in an ‘E’ Fitting I knew I had to try them.

These slingback sandals feature are a lovely design and are really supportive even with the heel. With the metal touch and close fastening they are easy for putting on in a hurry (mostly when I am late for the school rung) and are padded for added comfort underfoot. Finished off with the metal trim detailing and 2 3/4″ heel they are perfect for every occasion.

JD Williams Summer Clothing 2

I am particularly very fond of this dress, it’s not clingy like most of my other maxi dresses and I find with the layer top it is very flattering in hiding my “mum tum”. The length is just right for me, standing at 5ft7″ the dress stops just above my ankle which saves me from tripping over the hem. I love the design, determined to add a bit of colour to my outfits this summer it certainly ticks all the boxes.

JD Williams Summer Clothing

As for the shoes, they are so so comfortable and I barely realise I am actually wearing heels. The heel is really supportive and the shoes fit well around my feet, I have already spent numerous days wearing these shoes with no sore feet or achy leg muscles.

We are going away at the end of July, a week in Somerset, spent adventuring and playing on the beaches Somerset has to offer. This whole outfit will certainly be packed into my suitcase and taken with me.

If you are looking for a new summer outfit I really do recommend having a look at the range over at JD Williams, if a wide selection to choose from you will be hard pushed not to find something you like.

**This is not a sponsored post, I was provided with a summer outfit from JD Williams to test and review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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