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A Birthday Outing – Shrewsbury Castle

Nearly a month ago now I turned 30 and in a very rare event, ClearlyDaddy took a day off from work to spend the day with me. Armed with ClearlyDaddy and his wallet I dragged him to Shrewsbury to do a little bit of retail therapy but my adventure didn’t stop there as I also brought my camera on the outing with me.

Having lived in Shrewsbury only a couple of years back I loved living in the heritage of the town, with the historic buildings and its very own castle. I’d never visited the castle whilst living there so I knew we had to take a venture over and have a wander around.

Shrewsbury Castle 1

Sadly the sky’s weren’t very inviting for landscape photography… horrid grey coverage on the day. Doesn’t make things look very inviting does it??

Shrewsbury Castle 2

The grounds were stunning and well kept.

Shrewsbury Castle 10

View from the front door of the Castle.

Shrewsbury Castle

View from the Castle Wall facing towards the Castle.

Shrewsbury Castle 3

Watch tower located on the Castle Wall – I do like the symmetry involved in this photo.

Shrewsbury Castle 4

View from the castle wall facing over the town of Shrewsbury – kids will most likely love this view, Trains!

Shrewsbury Castle 8

Inside the castle

Shrewsbury Castle 9

Inside of the Castle features a lot about previous battles and quite famously the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403.

Shrewsbury Castle 11

A lock of Napoleon’s Hair

Shrewsbury Castle 12

The building was wall after wall of medals, you wouldn’t think there could be SO many. 

After our wander around the Castle and grounds we headed back into town for a quick wander as we had to return back home to collect Lewis was school.

Shrewsbury Castle 7

Shrewsbury Library built 1552, originally a timber frame building and stone extensions were constructed 1594-1630 which housed chapel, dormitories, library and classrooms until 1882. From 1882 onwards the library took over the building but it soon started suffering structural defects. After extensive works the library reopened in 1983 and remains in situ to this day.

Shrewsbury Castle 6

Walking around the time you are surrounded by heritage, these original buildings are captivating and lovely to see. 

Shrewsbury Castle 13

Shrewsbury Castle 5

After the hubby being dragged around the town we came across this, I’m sure he will be keeping it in mind for our next outing to Shrewsbury!


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