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Bionaire Tower Ceramic Heater With Remote (BCH-9300) : Review

Over the winter months I have really been struggling to keep warm at my desk, this has had an impact on my blogging and work as my fingers got so cold. I sit in a rather cool corner of our house at my desk where there is little sunlight getting through the window and the hottest part of the day is on the opposite side of our house.

Thankfully Bionaire heard my cries and offered me to review a Tower Ceramic Heater, perfect for keeping me toasty warm at my desk on the coolest of days.

Bionaire Fan Heater

This heater is mains operated, standing at 68cm tall and can also be controlled with the remote control included in the box. Free standing and slim ensuring it really doesn’t take up much space leaving your room clutter free. I am also taken with the design of the heater as it really does make a room look good and as you can see it stands neat and tidy in the corner by my desk.

Bionaire Fan Heater 1

This fan really does come with a good range of functions and easy to control too with the buttons on the device or on the remote as they are all the same. You can also see from the pictures below that the remote also hides neatly away on the back of the heater.

Bionaire Fan Heater 2a

On the picture above you will see that I have numbered the buttons, I am now going to talk you through what each button does.

Powering on the heater (button 1) will automatically set your ceramic heater to warm the room at a default temperature of 18c. You can increase the temperature by using the thermostatic control button (button 5), you can then select which temperature you want the heater to work at, choosing between 18c and 30c.

Energy saving setting (button 2) will allow the heater to switch between high (2500w) & low (750w) temperatures automatically to heat a room.

The heater has just a fan setting (button 3) allowing your heater to just circulate the air around that is in the room with no heat.

You can set the heater onto a timer mode (button 4) allowing you to choose how long the heater should work 4 before turning off, can you choose between 1-8 hours simply by pressing the button the required amount of times until the display shows your time required.

Lastly the fan has an oscillation feature (button 6), simply press this button to turn this feature on and off.

You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned a fan speed function, that’s because there isn’t one. But I have found this really doesn’t matter especially if you have chosen an adequate temperate for your fan to work at.

Also the heater has a cut off feature,if the heater is knocked over it’ll protect itself from over heating and protect your house by automatically turning off.


  • Tall and Slim to keep a room free from clutter
  • Easy controls
  • Looks nice


  • None

I have also completed a video review of this product so you can see it in action.

**This is not a sponsored post, I received the Bionaire Tower Heater to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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