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National Stationery Week – Days 1, 2 and 3

I’m a little late joining in this week, sadly personal life really does get in the way of my blog majority of the time so I am grabbing some time with my blog this afternoon to join in the celebration that is National Stationery Week.

National Stationery Week Sponsors 2016

Today is day 3 of National Stationery Week which is focusing on World Stationery Day. To me stationery is important, well I say important, its more of an addiction… I really do like all things stationery.

Here is a short list of my current cherished pieces of stationery I have the moment;

My Filofax

This is my LIFE… if it isnt written in here it simply doesn’t get done. Friends have been known to ensure that I have them written in my diary so I don’t forget to meet them, my kids have all their appointment’s in here, important occasions (birthdays and weddings etc) and all my blogging deadlines. You name it it is in here.

Fountain Pen

This pen has also become a firm favourite which stays with my diary, I am a sucker for a good fountain pen and it’s just fantastic for my diary. I was send this from Maped Helix for National Stationery Week (Thank you!). It writes so smoothly, with a thin nib it’s perfect for jotting notes and it looks incredibly neat. I couldn’t be without it.

National Stationery Week World Stationery Day

My Note Pad

This holds together my blog, all my notes are in here, thoughts, ideas, scribbles. If I lost this I really do think i’d lose my blog… this is my blogs cement, holding it together!

Be sure to be about over the next couple of days to find out more about whats going on with National Stationery Week.

National Station Week 2016 7 Days of Stationery

Monday #PencilDay and Tuesday #GetOrganisedDay

I want to take some time now to look back at the days I have missed out on. I had great things lined up to share on each day, sadly as I’ve been really busy I couldn’t share at the right time. But better late than never, I am here:

Monday #PencilDay

As a child I loved pencils, writing pencils or coloring pencils. So long as I could let out the “inner doodler” in me I was happy. As an adult, not a lot has changed. I still love having a quick doodle, although I mainly just get to colour now.

National Stationery Week Pencil Day

I am an absolutely softie for the adult colouring books and thanks to Staedtler and their fab colouring crayons I have enjoyed a good colouring session recently with my most favourite of books.

Tuesday #GetOrganisedDay

This was the be the absolute pinnacle of the week, I am a hoarder, I horde stationery and I know it was getting too much so I recently had a clear out and reorganise of my desk for Get Organised Day.

National Stationery Week Get Organised Day

Everything was moved, sorted, filtered through and junk removed. I then put my desk back together in a more of a organised manner and it seems to be working – so long as little fingers (i.e. the kids) keep away from it with their toys!

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