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Joining the Grime Fighting Superhero Team with Vileda

During the course of end of April/Beginning of May the team at Vileda are asking people to join their Grime Fighting Superhero Team.

Superhero Campaign

Vileda are encouraging you to become a super hero in your own home for the day, by banishing bacteria from your home with one of their grime fighting products.

Who would you become??

The Shape Shifter, using The Windowmatic your windows will look so clean you’d be left unsure there was any glass left in the window frame. This cordless lightweight gadget vacuums right into those tricky corners with its flexible head leaving your windows with a complete streak-free finish.

The Speed Demon, using The Steam Mop your floors will be left hygienically clean and sparkling. With the 15 second heat up time and the intense steam killing up to 99.9% of bacteria in the home and its swivel head you can mop the whole house in a flash!

The Teleporter, using the 100c Hot Spray Mop you can mop the whole house in a jiffy. Using this cordless and lightweight mop you can move from room to room with ease, just simply spray and wipe.

The Invisible, using the rechargeable cleaning robot this will be your ultimate partner in fighting grime. Simply switch it on and let it go, the robot will do all the hard work for you.

All Vileda are asking you is to choose your favourite method of cleaning from their Superheroes page, where you could be in with a chance to win not one of the cleaning products but all of them!

I have been very fortunate over the 18 months and have reviewed both The Steam Mop and the 100c Hot Spray Mop. I honestly love them both!

The Steam Mop I find is particularly more favoured due to the intense steam blasts but I can be really restricted due to the cable length. I am certainly The Speed Demon!

Vileda Steam Mop 2a

Where as the 100c Hot Spray Mop you can control how much hot spray you require, it’s cordless and heats up within 90 seconds. You can move from room to room with absolute ease and leaves your floors sparkly clean.

Vileda Hot Spray Mop

**Post written in association with Vileda


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