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As a child growing up I loved playing with dolls, I enjoyed making my dolls look different with different accessories and clothing whilst getting a group of them together for parties and outings. I also enjoyed sharing with my dolls with friends and having a range of different products from that range to get stuck into. As Leah is now 4 I am looking forward to her getting into a particular range of toys to play with, not just one toy in particular but having a significant collection to play with.

With the helping hand from Bandai Leah has recently been getting to grips with a new collection (craze!) in our house, Pinypon. When we were offered to review a surprise bundle from this new range we happily accepted and were utterly amazed to receive such a huge bundle! Leah couldn’t wait to get everything unboxed to play with, we have done an unboxing video which you can find here to see up close what we received to review. Below I will show you up close each product.


Pinypon Magazine

Leah loves magazines, she loves doing puzzles, colouring, playing with stickers and not to mention a good range of free gifts to play with too. From Love From, this months magazine focuses on Pinypon which a great insight to the collection and also the characters. Included with this magazine there are 5 free gifts, a recorder, a ribboned dance stick, badge, stickers and ‘Snap!’ playing cards. Priced at £3.99 I found this to be of exceptional value and a good few hours of magazine for Leah to get engrossed with. I have completed a short video review of the magazine which you can find here, where you can see more detail from the inside of the magazine and also the gifts which were included.

Pinypon 1

Mystery Collectable Surprise Bags

Leah was delighted to receive a bundle of surprise bags, being a young child she enjoys spending a lot of time watching “Surprise videos” on YouTube. With this in mind Leah was very quick to declare that we had to make a surprise video for you all to see of which you can find here. We received 15 surprise bags (of which we opened every single bag for you all) to find 6 of the collectable characters from this range.

Pinypon 2

Each surprise bag has an RRP of £2.99 which is perfect pocket money value.

Now I can show you exactly what I mean about these dolls being interchangeable. Each doll can be customised to your child’s taste but your child pulling apart their characters and mixing them with others in the range. The dolls facial expressions can also be changed as each head has 2 facial expressions and also their styles can be swapped. When you remove the hair from your Pinypon you will notice that the head is hollow, this makes for perfect storage of the small accessories which you get with your figure. Each Pinypon also has little holes in their hair, hands (and sometimes) waist perfect for using the little accessories which come with your figurine.

Pinypon 3

There are 6 figures to find in the Collectable Bag range. Of which we managed to find 4 of the figures (despite having 15 bags!) but certainly had a blast opening the bags and sharing them all with you on our video.

If your looking to start your child’s Pinypon collection I really do think this is a great place to start!


If your child is looking for a figure in particular without the requirement of surprise bags, these could be route for you to take. There are two different series to the figurines collection. First up we have the single doll range with an RRP £3.00 which includes your doll with 3 accessories. We also have the figurine with animal collection which has an RRP of £5.00, this set includes 4 accessories this time and also their pet.

Pinypon 6

You can see Leah and I unboxing this collection on my YouTube channel here.

Fairy Tale Range

This a new range which will be released very soon, this range consists of popular characters which your child will cherish. This range includes, Rapunzel, Pinocchio, Mary Poppins, Little Red Riding Hood (which we received) and more! Following on in the Pinypon style each figure comes with interchangeable heads, bodies and accessories which are all compatible with all the other figures in the Pinypon range.

Pinypon 5

Each figure from this range will have an RRP of £4.99 and you can see our figure up close in our video here.

Fairies Tree

This is another new product to the Pinypon range which is being released later in the year, focusing on Fairies this set really has captured Leah’s imagination. Leah loves fairies, in particular the tooth fairy, so you can probably guess the name of this fairy! This set includes a full set up for the fairy tree and one fairy Pinypon. You can see me unboxing and setting up this set on my unboxing video here.

Pinypon 4

The construction of this set was a little fiddly in parts but once set up it is sturdy and certainly sets of any little girls imagination. Complete with flowers in the garden, little storage compartments on the rear, a table, 2 platforms and a swing it is certainly a good play set for your child’s Pinypon fairies to have an adventure.

Pinypon 4a

This set will have an RRP of £14.99 and will be available in stores from May/June.

Round up

During our adventures of playing with our new Pinypon collection I have noted a couple of things which I would now like to share with you. Firstly these products are recommended for Children aged 4yrs+ this is due to having small parts in the collection, mainly the accessories which could pose as a choking hazard.

Secondly is the overall build, quality and colour of all the products. Everything is just lovely and so appealing to young children, they are brightly coloured which catches any childs eye and (with a small collection of he range) provide hours of fun and creativity as your child will enjoy building and creating their Pinypons. The possibilities are quite possibly endless!

During this Easter break Pinypon are actually available to buy with a 25% discount in Entertainer toy stores. But even without the discount they are fabulous toys to play with!

Pinypon 7

**This is not a sponsored post, we were provided with a bundle of Pinypon products to test and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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