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An Afternoon with Friction Free Shaving at Bar Opus, Birmingham

A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to a Bloggers Cocktail Masterclass with Friction Free Shaving, the reason behind this I hear you ask?

To celebrate the launch of the UK’s first ever razor postal delivery service for women.

For a set fee per month you can choose between 3 razors, for your first month you will receive the razor with 4 interchangeable blades. Then each month you will receive a months worth new blades through the post . The idea behind Friction Free Shaving is so that it’s cost effective and also knowing that you will receive new blades each month you don’t need to worry about the risk of running out. You change to a new blade each week as keeping your blade at his sharpest will reduce the risk of razor burn/rash but also keeps your razor hygienically clean.

Friction Free Shaving

As you can see above the prices of the subscription are pretty much in line with what you would usually pay in a supermarket, they include a metal razor handle, non of this plastic rubbish we have been use to in the past and whats more the boxes can even fit through your letter box so there is no traipsing to and from the post office should you miss your delivery! With prices starting from £3 for the standard 2 bladed head to £7 for the 5 bladed head its a complete win win situation – postage and packaging is also FREE!!

So back to the event, held at Bar Opus in the centre of Birmingham we were demonstrated how to create 3 gorgeous cocktails.

The first cocktail we made was the Mellow Yellow, which was then named Samantha in line with the first razor from Friction Free Shaving. A lovely fruity start to our afternoon, consisting of Chase GB Gin, Lemoncelio, Lemonade, Sugar, Fresh Lemon and garnished with a lemongrass stick.

Friction Free Shaving 1

The second cocktail was the Honey Bee, which was renamed Faye for the event. This was my absolute favourite cocktail, containing Jim Beam Honey Whiskey, Vanilla Monin Syrup, Fresh Honey, Milk and garnished with Homemade Honeycomb.

Friction Free Shaving 2

And lastly we made the Three Roses, nicknamed Frankie. This contained Rose Monin, Chase Blackcurrant and Prosecco. The idea of this cocktail was to get a perfect mix, each ingredient designed to sit nicely on top of each other to show 3 layers… I don’t think my effort was too bad!

Friction Free Shaving 3

I had a great time learning how to make my own cocktails and also enjoying drinking them too.

I was sent away with my very own Samantha razor and 4 blades to try out. I have been using my new razor for a fortnight now and I must admit I am very pleased with the results. I tend to only shave twice a week and so far I have no razor burn at all which I usually do get and with the comfort of knowing I can replace my blade every week I am always running on a sharp blade.

Friction Free Shaving 4

As for the handle of my razor, its metal, lightweight and very sturdy. I am finding the handle also easy to keep clean, there are no shave gel/soap marks and I am confident the handle will keep shiny and clean for a long time.


**This is not a sponsored review I was invited to Bar Opus with Friction Free Shaving and gifted with a razor to try out for myself. All words and opinions are my own. 

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